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by Elvinae at 2:46 PM
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As some of you may have noticed there have been a few new ranks appearing in chat.

Ranks such as:

This is the first rank in a line of many.

Prestige is a known system in lots of prison servers and it is very useful.
When you reach the top rank of Utopia it sometimes get's boring and the challenge of ranking up just disappears.
The Prestige system is here to combat that.

What is Prestige?
When you reach utopia you'll have the chance to start fresh again. You'll need 150k to get from utopia into prestige-1 and from there it'll be normal rank costs.
You'll need to get to utopia once again to reach prestige-2
And So on..

Whats the benefit of prestige?

Prestige Blocks are not like normal blocks. They do not contain Mines or shops.
They do however contain other rewards such as:
> Sell Multipliers
> Enchantment...
by Elvinae at 4:06 PM
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Enchantment Overhaul

Listen here maggots, we got some more news for you.

The Enchantment system has been modified in an interesting way.

If you waltz on over to /warp enchantments
You will find a sight like this standing before you

This area explains all about E-Tokens! (I'll be providing an explanation right here for you guys too)


What are they?

E-Tokens or (Enchantment Tokens) are the enchantment currency now implemented in CityPrison

How do I get them?

To Obtain E-Tokens you need to...
by Elvinae at 10:06 AM
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Hey Guys,
Elvinae here bringing you rotten prisoners some exciting news!

Got a large haul to move? Want more space to carry mined materials? Then I've got some news for you!
The Backpacks feature has been fixed and re implemented.

What are backpacks?
Backpacks in CityPrison allow you to have extra inventory space for whatever you may need, This includes:
Extra room when mining (allows you to carry a substantial amount of extra materials)

Allow's shop owners to move large quantities of items with ease

Making a routine trip out to your "garden" at ./warp druglord and need to carry large quantities of "Crop" back?

How do I get one?...
by formido11 at 7:18 AM
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As you may know the forums were down a few days ago due to a new host, and aparently some profile pictures didn't transfer. If your profile picture looks like the one on the file I added, could you please upload it again? Also if yours looks like the second image I added, you have no profile picture :(. You can upload one by clicking your name in the right top corner, then clicking on your profile picture (or where it needs to be :p), then click on the picture again and click ''Choose file''. Then choose your picture (at least 200x200) and click ''Okay''
Sorry for stealing your colour btw super.

Hope this all helped you , and thanks :)
by Ashour at 11:21 AM
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We are back up, apologies for the downtime!
by Ashour at 9:55 AM
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Apologies for the downtime, Our machine that the Website is hosted on was having issues we've fixed the issues the forums are (clearly) back online!
by I3lizzard_I3east at 10:13 PM
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Pssst. Hey buddy! The Yeti, here again to fill you in on my latest scheme. Got some news for ya' but keep this on the down low so the wardens don't catch on. My blackmarket shop made too much money last month, so I hacked into the voting system to give some of it to YOU!

Those piddley voting rewards have been doubled from 500 grams to a whole KILO (dat's 1000 grams in case that Waffles is readin' this) for every vote. Yeh, dat's right. I'm upping the ante to buy your votes! I hacked the system for crates, too, so you can get more of them.

Now for the really big news... as if those hacked rewards aren't cool enough, the TOP 5 voters for November will get donor ranks!!! So wut are you sitting there for? Get voting before those wardens catch up with me.

When you get...
by Rhys191 at 12:24 PM
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Sorry for the issues earlier today, the mines have been fixed. Sorry about the inconvenience.​