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by Volf at 12:53 AM
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Very soon there will be a big change in the way plots work, So I am writing this short guide to familiarize and prepare you for when it comes. :)

There are few things that haven't changed, but for the most part this update will make plot use more simplified, with a few new perks! Thus, I will be listing all commands for you regarding the updated plugin.

Base Commands:


Commands that will be staying the same and can be used as they always have:

/plotme claim
/plotme auto
/plotme info

And now for the new and helpful commands :D

/plotme deny <player> - Denies a player from entering your plot
/plotme clear -...
by Volf at 5:01 PM
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It's time for another Monthly Purge!

For those of you who don't already know the drill or are generally new to the purge, it is basically a short period of time in which PvP will be enabled in all areas of the server.

This purge will be happening tonight at 9:00 PM EST.

List of Time Zones:

PST - 6:00 PM
CST - 8:00 PM
EST - 9:00 PM
GMT - 1:00 AM (Goes into Sunday, Sept. 27.)
BST - 1:00 AM (Goes into Sunday, Sept. 27.)
by Volf at 12:39 AM
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Hold onto your lucky boots because this Friday we're bringing you


Factions will be a whole new server; our latest addition to the SPvP Network.
We're focusing our efforts on keeping a balance between donors and non-donors alike to bring you a fun and unique PvP experience!

For those of you who have never played a Factions server, the goal is to create or join a group of friends or players as a 'Faction'. After becoming a part of a faction, you collect supplies and gear to sell or use to become the strongest, so that you and your faction can challenge or attempt to raid other...
by Volf at 5:03 PM
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So as I'm sure you all know, gangs were added fairly recently on prison.

In this post I will be explaining the basics of this nifty new feature.

First of all, gangs are a replacement for parties. They are useful for forming a group with your friends in which you can all PvP together.

Gangs work on a level-up system. The higher you level up your gang, the more players you can invite to your gang. For each level up, your player cap increases by 10. (For example, at level 1 you can recruit up to 10 players. Levelup to 2 and you can recruit 10 more, then 10 more at level 3, etc.)

Here is a list of helpful commands you can use for your gangs:

/gc <message> - Send a message to all your fellow gang-members
/g list - Shows a list of all gangs
/g top - Shows the gangs leaderboard
/g info <gang> - Shows you information about the specified gang
/g create <name> - Use this to create a gang with a name of your...
by Volf at 11:07 PM
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Week of August 30 - September 5
New/Removed Features

  • Added more crafting tables around the prison
  • Updated the gang system
  • Disabled MCMMO Tree Feller as it was deemed no longer necessary
  • N/A
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Casinos
  • Fixed...
by Volf at 9:03 AM
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Do you have a suggestion that you think could benefit the server(s), or know of a bug that's causing issues?
Well now is the time to post them!
Our updated moderation team for this section will be working through all suggestion/bug threads in a much more timely and proficient manner. The section will now be constantly moderated!

Just head on over to the Suggestions/Bugs section located here:
and post your contribution!

But that's not all

We now have special moderation teams for all forum sections.
by Ashour at 10:28 AM
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Hello, a bit late I apologize.
But, this month we went ahead and gave more even amounts of rewards for close call on votes.
But we did lower the amount for each spot compared to last month, but in total more was given.
Top 10 voters please SKYPE me to get your reward.

keep voting!

1st SaberTooth100 130votes -$100
2nd [​IMG]MisterBrandts 130votes - $100
3rd [​IMG]Da_Kwazywabbit 130votes - $100
4th [​IMG]gabrieln567 129votes - $90
by Volf at 10:51 PM
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Week of August 23 - August 29
New/Removed Features

  • N/A
  • Updated KOTH arena at /warp KOTH - Arena is now 'tiered'
  • Potion prices lowered to 1/3 of the original price in the Kit Shop to better balance the gap between regular players - donors
by Volf at 8:25 PM
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Get your lucky boots ready because tomorrow (Saturday, August 29th) Diamond_Rush1 will be hosting the first Monthly Purge!

The first purge will begin at 8 AM EST. After that, a second purge will be held at 8 PM EST, so if you miss the first one, there will be one more chance for you to join in.

Both of these purges will last approximately 30 minutes each, so be prepared for some serious hunting!

For those of you who don't already know, a 'purge' is when we will be enabling PvP in ALL areas of Prison. If you have anything important on you that you do not wish...
by Volf at 4:41 AM
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Week of August 16 - August 22
New/Removed Features

  • Added /banner command to the Donation Store under the 'misc' section for $10 (On sale currently for $7) - Gives the permanent ability to create custom banners.
  • God and Donor ranks have been given out - Crate Rewards
  • Particles have been given out - Purchased from /Token
  • New system setup for above mentioned Particles/Donor Ranks - Will be automatically given out every 24-48 hours
  • Updated the TS server - Now allows players to connect, who were previously unable to connect to the server at all
  • N/A...