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by I3lizzard_I3east at 10:13 PM
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Pssst. Hey buddy! The Yeti, here again to fill you in on my latest scheme. Got some news for ya' but keep this on the down low so the wardens don't catch on. My blackmarket shop made too much money last month, so I hacked into the voting system to give some of it to YOU!

Those piddley voting rewards have been doubled from 500 grams to a whole KILO (dat's 1000 grams in case that Waffles is readin' this) for every vote. Yeh, dat's right. I'm upping the ante to buy your votes! I hacked the system for crates, too, so you can get more of them.

Now for the really big news... as if those hacked rewards aren't cool enough, the TOP 5 voters for November will get donor ranks!!! So wut are you sitting there for? Get voting before those wardens catch up with me.

When you get...
by Ashour at 4:02 AM
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Website is back online after ~24hours off schedule when it was suppose to be fixed, We apologize for the delay.

Anyone having issues contact us via email: [email protected]
by Rhys191 at 12:24 PM
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Sorry for the issues earlier today, the mines have been fixed. Sorry about the inconvenience.​
by Ashour at 11:42 PM
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Due to increasing demand we have brought back our teamspeak server!
The ip is: ts.cityprison.net

by Ashour at 1:22 AM
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Hello guys, I'm writing this thread in regards to how rules and promotions are handled, currently since the beginning cityprison has not changed the way it promotes its staff and how we manage rule clarification and how we deal with staff questions to how rules can be implemented. This in return has caused much confusion on how rules are handled and for the past 2 days activity from guarding to muting have been down so we can attempt to resolve these situations.

Currently rule clarifications are dealt via Skype people (usually staff) ask higher staff which get there information from higher up and all the way to the SrWardens, this can cause confusion. Every time someone explains something the message is messed up in one way or another, and it causes a great deal of issues for the community. From people...
by Ashour at 3:37 AM
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Hey guys! From now and on we will be posting far more updates BUT they will have less detail in them ;(

Today's updates:
Added combat log system
Added anti-plotme in courtyard A-Block
Started work on a new block
Preparing some ideas towards free, Will be out in 1-2 weeks

Top 10 voters every month will get a SPECIAL reward, SO VOTE IT UP!
by Ashour at 7:58 AM
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As many of you know 1.8 came out yesterday, within about 12 hours we had updated. Thanks to spigot for releasing this protocolhack.

As i just mentioned this is a PROTOCOL HACK meaning only 1.8 connections can be accepted, The server is still using 1.7 mechanics and blocks! Textures such as sponge have changed as that's all client side but new blocks such as granite and banners are still UNAVAILABLE

This being said some of our plugins have broke, Most notably Quests and the NPC's have broken. We are going to try and have this patched on a personal level for our network and try to bring this up as fast as possible!

Currently for 1.8 there has not been much new updates (in terms of blocks) We will be debating how to move forward with the new enchanting and banners.
Banners might be restricted to EVENTS ONLY no matter what happens THEY WILL RETAIN HIGH RARITY. This being said don't expect it to run on the cheap side ;)

This concludes this short post but i hope you...
by Ashour at 1:40 AM
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We are back up! Moved around some stuff, Should experience LESS lag!
by Ashour at 10:58 PM
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Hello, and welcome to the update post of CityPrison 4.0, Otherwise known as the "Quick Update" reason we call it the "Quick Update" is because it's been an extremely short amount of time since the last update. Either way, I present to you CityPrison 4.0:

Druglord is coming back! This time with it actually working..
Sadly you've slipped back to trouble after being let out of prison.

All Free players will be "demoted" down to DrugLord
Druglord will gain access to 10 Drugs ranging from strength to haste even night vision!...
by Ashour at 2:55 AM
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Hello There, It's ashour again here with the first CityPrison news thread since the forum issues!

To kick this off, I'd like to announce the new spawn!
The spawn was professionally built by HarryCraftin and was then modified by the CityPrison team to accommodate our needs! If you see any bugs please report them! And if have any suggestions please post them!

Now, Regarding the ban reset, We've reset ALL the bans. This is the 2nd ban reset in CityPrison's history, So come on down and enjoy your stay ;)

Drugs are coming back! As free as bugged out the past month we've decided to leave it down while we develop the next rank: Drugdealer Expect this rank in the upcoming days; Some features are access to over 30 drugs and access to drug world! HOW COOL? Don't get caught holding one! Guards will spot em' and jail you for consumption of illegal...