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by Ashour at 4:25 PM
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Hello prisoners, welcome to a CityPrison update.
As many of you know, and take full advantage of our quests system on the prison server, we can finally say we're giving it a little make over!

Since we added the Quests for the most part there hasn't been a 'yuuuge' update in regards to messages, skins and the overall content of the Quests.

Over the past week and moving forward for another 1-3 weeks, we will slowly be transitioning current blocks to a more unique Quest system....
What does this mean? Some Quests will be nerfed, some will be buffed. overall though skins of the quests on the prison server will be updated to reflect a more prison theme & match whatever the quest is.

Please note, this will take several weeks to FULLY happen, you'll see that A-D block Quests for the most part have been changed in one way or another, and as we move forward we plan to do it for all Quests in All blocks.

If you have suggestions for quests on prison or kitpvp, feel free...
by Karl at 11:05 PM
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Hello There City-Prison! Back at it again with an update!
The new A-block PvP Area has been released.
We have made a few additions to our PvP Arena which include the following:
- The PvP-Mine has been dropped down and has been merged with the main PvP zone.
- The new PvP Zone has been styled to fit the Spawn Theme.
- Many small changes to surrounding obstacles - Things being taken in and out

As you can see, from the top, not much has changed, for the exception that dropping into PvP must now occur through the red lines no longer can you simply drop into the mine and start mining away!
As you can see, from the bottom portion of the mine several things have changed!


This spawn will be a trial and not a permanent solution to the A-block Spawn PvP
So overall, although this makes the PvP-Mine redundant in the process of it...
by Ashour at 1:57 AM
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Update here and I'd like to have a more formal introduction into minecraft version 1.9+ support <3!

It seems like all our bugs on our Minecraft Prison Server have been squashed with the exception of a few which should be completed by tonight.

1.9 introduces some unique aspects into minecraft that we'd like to begin embracing in the following days of the update while things settle and we can complete our current backlog of development.
We plan to introduce the new Arrows in a unique way Quests, Shops as well as DrugLord!
Note, that nudging people has been completely removed due to the lack of usefulness.
Also note, that we've also reverted PvP to 1.8 PvP style combat (speed wise). The entire "power" and "waiting x time" for you to get a full attack is gone!

1.9 introduces new blocks and we plan to introduce them in the following weeks as well :)

KitPvP has also just been updated and now supports minecraft versions 1.9+ as well!
KitPvP also features similar...​
by Ashour at 8:09 PM
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As the month comes to a close (Leap Year!) we've listed below the top 15 voters of this month and there corresponding buycraft rewards.

As always, please skype me to retrieve your rewards (ashour253).

Please also note as voting has reset, we'd like for everyone to vote as much as possible! Every vote counts and is VERY important in maintaining and advancing our ranks on server lists which helps us grow tremendously, so we do hope you vote and help our server out :)

1. SpriteCode - 130 - $100
2. XxErisVenomousxX - 129 - $90
3. gabrieln567 - 127 - $80
4. Smiley563 - 126 - $70
5. TheBanterGamer - 123 - $60
6. gougoumath - 123 - $50
7. _oscar_ - 122 - $40
8. CinnieLee17 - 117 - $30
9. iLegenDz - 115 - $20
10. Da_Kwazywabbit - 115 - $10
11. FrozenFireFire - 111 - $10
12. lawgunner3 - 110 - $10
13. PomeAssassin - 110 - $10
14. Blame - 107 - $10
15. Real_Brutality - 104 - $10​
by Ashour at 11:24 PM
(956 Views / 3 Likes)
Network Updates:

<-- | Prison | -- >
Prison has some cool new features! let's start out with Anti-Cheat
We've pushed a new update focusing on making sure some new hacks are more detectable, thankfully on Prison we believe majority of false positives have been squashed out

/Gamble, /Gamble is the latest and greatest addition to the Prison gambling suite.
Start out with doing /gamble, you'll be greeted with a UI like:

Going over a wool you'll see the description of that specific color:


Here's how the overall system works:
2 people must purchase tickets.
each ticket (red/black/green) costs $20,000
say for example 10 people purchase the tickets.
the pot will become $200,000
If red is pulled (20% chance to be pulled)
a total of $180,000 will be given out, if only one person bought a red ticket that person would get $180,000.
If 2 people bought 2 tickets each (4 tickets total) each person would get...​
by Ashour at 10:10 PM
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Hey guys!
We've gone ahead and buffed up every /rankup kit across the board, on the SwordPvP Minecraft KitPvP server!
We've gone ahead and eliminated our now old and defunct top 3 kits and shifted everything down, so now private is 3 ranks higher! Allowing our new and free to play members to have a greater chance at the donor base, allowing a more fair play and overall a much better experience for everyone!

So hop on now and enjoy the update!

by Ashour at 11:49 PM
(933 Views / 2 Likes)
Hello, we've added a minimum requirement of 3 hours to use a range of kits so we can prevent people from simply hopping on to grab the kits and distrubute them, we hope to increase the rarity of some items and increase our economy.

Considers this the Minecraft Prisons Server economic stimulus package....
by Ashour at 7:48 PM
(965 Views / 4 Likes)
Hello, it's time! January voting, as we said last for December's voting we plan to do something on a similar scale, usually we do top 10, last month we did top 35 in celebration of Christmas and the New Year, this month we plan to follow through and do top 20!

As always, if you've won something please contact me on skype to receive your reward.
Please continue to vote as it truly does help us.

1. MisterBrandts - 150 - $100
2. _oscar_ - 148 - $90
3. xxstarfire25xx - 148 - $80
4. Da_Kwazywabbit - 144 - $70
5. Tjaytimms - 141 - $60
6. BMMindCraftUser - 140 - $50
7. gougoumath - 140 - $40
8. XxErisVenomousxX - 140 - $30
9. Dark_ShadowPvP - 135 - $20
10. gabrieln567 - 134 - $20
11. KimKat33 - 130 - $10
12. iLegenDz - 128 - $10
13. HappyKitten789 - 128 - $10
14. FrozenFireFire - 125 - $10
15. craft_creeper - 124 - $10
16. SweetH2O - 123 - $10
by Ashour at 1:57 AM
(1,082 Views / 1 Likes)
Hey guys, in December we purchased about a hundred CityPrison stickers, we gave them out to our staff & some random players, Today we're opening the gates for anyone interested to acquiring a few of these specially made stickers
Contact Ashour via skype(ashour253) for more details :D
by Ashour at 8:00 PM
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Overall, we're looking a very large performance increase, and we're hoping to counitue configuring our Anti-Cheat, so if you're still experiencing issues with Anti-Cheat please let ashour know via skype :)

Hello, over the past several days we've been working tirelessly on resolving lag spikes and lag issues as well as connection issues.

We've been hard at working testing configuration and pushing updates throughout this past weekend, and would like to present our work and hope you can appreciate it.

This weekend we've done the following:

Starting moving our front-end proxies
Started rollout of our new ScoreBoard system
Reconfiguration of our Anti-Cheat software
complete rehaul of our database systems such as /stat

What does this mean exactly?
With our new front-end proxies being deployed you'll see...