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by Ashour at 3:14 AM
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Tonight 9/5/2016 we've released a few major overhaul to our plugins.

*first* The database period is over feel free to utilize inventory space as needed.

Starting out with our syncing plugin, we've had it completely rewritten from scratch utilizing a new database scheme and a better system to defeat dupers by increasing security when it comes to locking peoples inventories before data is loaded. You'll also notice a much quicker response to load your inventory, previously it took up to 1-3 seconds, now it takes milliseconds, faster then you can see the items load.

Moving on we've patched a few smaller bugs and ensured PvP was patched back to 1.8 after a slight issue last week.

We'd also like to mention Books, EnchantmentBooks, banners & items in your armor slots now transfer between drug & prison, something we attribute to the new plugin.

Moving on we've upgraded our EnchantmentTokens, with that being said this was another complete overhaul of the system which is...​
by Ashour at 9:59 PM
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Top voters:
Similar to July August had a spectacular amount of votes, we're so happy that you guys are able to support us by voting for us. So this month again we've decided to increase the money given out for each of the top 10 voters. We hope you enjoy :)

1st frunges 165votes - $120
2nd [​IMG]xxstarfire25xx 162votes - $110
3rd [​IMG]Dalwo 160votes - $100
4th [​IMG]MeanBiscuit123 155votes - $90
5th [​IMG]Hollygwood 150votes - $80
by Ashour at 10:15 AM
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This month we've seen a spectacular amount of votes! and for that reason we've increased our rewards tier by $20! So enjoy :)
As always, please contact ashour on skype to recieve your coupon code, Skype: Ashour253
1st Dalwo 177votes - $120
2nd [​IMG]Tails506 158votes - $110
3rd [​IMG]XxPR099xX 153votes - $100
4th [​IMG]xxstarfire25xx 148votes - $90
5th [​IMG]MemyselfandpiBRO 146votes - $80
6th [​IMG]Zilv28...​
by Ashour at 12:50 AM
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0As always, we're here bringing the top 10 voters on the server!
Remember to keep voting and support the server! Every vote counts <3

Minecraft Server Information:
Prison Server IP Address: Server.CityPrison.Net
Minecraft SwordPvP KitPvP server IP Address: Kit.SPvP.me
Minecraft Factions Server IP: Factions.SPvP.me
Minecraft SwordPvP/CityPrison Minecraft Prison Server Hub IP Address: SPvP.me
Voting link: https://cityprison.net/
TeamSpeak IP Address: TS.CityPrison.Net

As always, add ashour on skype: ashour253 to receive your rewards!
1st DeSkill 168votes - $100
2nd [​IMG]Dalwo 158votes - $90
3rd [​IMG]MisterBrandts 156votes - $80
by Diamond_Rush1 at 8:17 AM
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A purge will be hosted tomorrow night (June 27th) at 9pm EST.

Minecraft Server Information:
Prison Server IP Address: server.cityprison.net

Server Hub IP Address: spvp.me
Voting Link: https://cityprison.net/
Teamspeak IP Address: ts.cityprison.net

Hope to see you online!
by Diamond_Rush1 at 4:34 PM
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A long overdue Purge will be hosted Saturday June 4th!
by Ashour at 11:07 PM
(1,216 Views / 0 Likes)
As we do every month, the top 10 voters recieve awesome coupon codes, these coupon codes can be redeem on any server different rewards amounts per tier but overall an equivilent amount.,
If you've won, contact ashour on skype; ashour253
if you have not won, fear not you have a clear slate this month to get in as many votes as possible! Do note we switched one of our voting sites so make sure to use the new site to your advantage!
As always, I hope to see you on our minecraft prison server; (IP: SPVP.ME / Server.CityPrison.net)
until next time ;)
1st xxstarfire25xx 162votes - $100
2nd [​IMG]fishguy4422 159votes - $90
3rd [​IMG]Hxnzo 153votes - $80
by Ashour at 2:58 AM
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I'd like to update you guys on a few things we've just launched/fixed!
Firstly, we've introduced some COOL arrow trails! You can catch one on:
Arrow trails are particle effects that follow the arrows path, some are awesome to just show off and others are just straight up lovely.. (haha, get it? There's a cupids trail....)
Checkout my personal favorite, the Cupid's Trail:

Activate your trail through the /at command and have fun!
Checkout all the different trails and preview how they look before donating for them on the donation page, click "details" and let the GIF load up!

Next, we've got a revamp to our Blast pickaxes system, we've lowered the durability cost to 1.5 times the current block breakage instead of the past 2.
Meaning durability has been increased by 25%! that's amazing!

Enchant any pick to a blast pick at /warp enchants
Feel free to post any suggestions to future custom enchants we should...
by Ashour at 10:02 PM
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That's all I can say....
It's been 4 years, originally we started in 2012, seeing the only 2 active prison servers being run to the ground without proper rules and staffing. Without proper ownership, we decided to take it into our own hands and create a unique server. Something that people could come on, enjoy there stay and just have fun.
Some place safe for people of all ages, yet fun and exciting. and that's how CityPrison was born.
Built from the ground up, from the builds to the plugins using whatever we could and starting ourselves with a Trail VPS running 1Gb. We now operate several dedicated servers, we operate a build team a development team & and amazing community. We run multiple game-modes that satisfy everyone's cravings, and we're always expanding.

We could never be here today if the thousands (over a million players) that contributed to the community. From a vote, to a chat message. a forum post or even a donation. We wouldn't have lasted 4 years, and...​
by Diamond_Rush1 at 6:03 PM
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In about a week, CityPrison will be 4 years old. Every anniversary we host many events, give out rewards, and rank up a few staff members who have earned it. This year is no different, here are events that we will host.

~ Mine-Off ~
Drop Party ~
PVP Tournament ~
Event that you guys have voted for ~

These events will be hosted throughout the day, and their might be more than one of them.