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by Ashour at 8:33 AM
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Just to let everyone know, we're back up and running 100% and our ban page looks cool :)

Hello Prisoners and SwordPvPers!

We've got an awesome new years surprise, we've wiped peoples ban histories, and are welcoming a vast majority of players back.
We hope you have learned from your mistakes and return to CityPrison with a brighter outcome.

Our ban system has also changed, although not complete

will have a portal with 4 separate pages for KitPvP/Prison/Factions and a New Server
On these pages you'll be linked to the servers ban page where you can look up peoples Ban(s), Mute(s), Kick(s) and warning history.

Currently the new system has only been implemented on Prison and will be implemented on Factions and Kitpvp in a few...
by Ashour at 8:38 PM
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As announced last month, we planned to increase our voting rewards this month, we've gone ahead and had 15 MAIN winners of buycraft coupon codes, and 16-35 for smaller buycraft coupon codes. and we plan to do something on a /similar\ level for the month January! So make sure to vote!

To get your rewards, as always please contact ashour via skype:


1. gabrieln567 - 147 - $160
2. Thunder_Rogue - 141- $150
3. XxErisVenomousxX - 140 - $140
4. Zoloft - 139 - $130
5. SaberTooth100 - 138 - $120
6. SergiotheKing - 138 - $110
7. GeneralFroggy - 135 - $100
8. _SeasoN_ - 132 -$90
9. gerrie200 - 128 - $80
10. xxstarfire25xx - 125 - $70
11. _oscar_ - 125 - $60
12. Da_Kwazywabbit - 125 - $50
13. AxelNine - 124 - $40
14. softball_playa5 - 123 - $30
15. bigttexas - 123 - $20

by Ashour at 2:51 AM
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Hello, just so everyone is aware sometime in the middle of 12/29 all McMMo ranks and stats will be "frozen" while we perform database mitigation, sometime most likely around 3 PM CST McMMO levels will still go up, but in the morning of 12/30 they will revert to the levels you had on 12/29

This will help us get rid of our recent crash issues, and is mandatory.

by Ashour at 7:09 PM
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Hey guys, DrugLord has been down for a few weeks now...But today, that changes... We've release DrugLord as well as many features with it!

First off, starting off in the prison side of changes.. Not much has changed a few drug prices have gone up to reflect the usefulness of them, and a few have gone down...
We've also buffed up the
HEALER drug:

The price has bee set to
1 and a half stacks of cactus, the regen effect has also been bumped up to level 2. Please note, the time is still 25 seconds (the picture shows 24 D:)

now, the DrugLord server itself:
a few things have been added, one that was request multiple times, setting home & TPing to people.

by Karl at 4:45 AM
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What have we done
As off last night the new [Citizen] rank was released.
We have downgraded everyone from the Pres1 and Pres2 ranks to Citizen so that we can can provide you all with the full experience of our new Citizen,Pres1 and Pres2 update!

How the Citizen rank will work!
When ranking up to Citizen it will not be a full rank but rather locked. Instead of providing you with one singular rank we have decided a need for making Prestige ranks more viable and worth your money. What we have done is made it so as you Prestige, you unlock more opportunities and advantages from...
by Diamond_Rush1 at 8:36 PM
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On December 13th through the 24th I will be hosting events, for the holidays coming up! Most of these events will be hosted randomly throughout the day and will occur more than once! Some events will also be hosted for Factions and KitPVP.


December 13th - Skin Contest

December 14th - Mine Off

December 15th - Trivia

December 16th - Purge (only main spawn will have PVP)

December 17th - Mob Arena

December 18th - PVP Tournament

December 19th - Build Off

December 20th - Skin Contest/Trivia

December 21st - Mine-Off

December 22nd - Mob Arena/PVP Tournament

December 23rd - Random events (Anything from...
by Volf at 8:09 PM
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Become a CityPrison Legend with the
Legendary Rank for 50% off!

Donate Here
by Volf at 3:30 PM
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Looks like Christmas is coming a little bit (okay, a bit more than a little) early here at CityPrison. If Santa himself wasn't enough proof of this, then how about our Christmas Sale?

That's right, for a limited time, everything in the donation shop is now
50% off in honor of the holidays.
Thinking of getting that shiny Platinum rank you've been wanting, or a loyal pet to help you get around the prison? Or maybe you just need a bigger plot to stash all those goodies you've been snagging from Santa.

Whatever the case, now is the perfect time to get yourself some sweet perks.
Just head over to our donation store in the link below!

Donate Here!
by Volf at 12:43 AM
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We have a couple of festive treats prepared for you throughout the month of December that we hope you will enjoy!

First off, we have Santa Claus.

Santa will be making random and rare appearances throughout December. When Santa appears, he will be dropping various gifts* for you to loot if you can find him! All you need to do is stay close to him, and you'll have a chance at these fun rewards.

You are not guaranteed a gift if you are near him, but you still have a chance at one if you stay close to him.*

And finally we have the Advent Calendar!

With this, all you have to do is enter one of the following commands:

and from there you can...
by Ashour at 12:15 AM
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Please note, this coming month of December we plan to give out voting rewards to the top 15-20, so MAKE SURE TO VOTE! **ALSO** we'll be giving out more rewards for December!

1st MisterBrandts 119votes - $100
2nd [​IMG]gougoumath 116votes $75
3rd [​IMG]_oscar_ 115votes $60
4th [​IMG]XxErisVenomousxX 113votes $50
5th [​IMG]softball_playa5 113votes $50