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by Ashour at 7:49 PM
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As we've been in contact with Mojang to ensure we're EULA compliant we want the community to be rest assured that we are NOT violating the EULA.

All previous ranks purchased on the main server will REMAIN, you can also receive these ranks through Crates which can be obtained through several ways primarily the voting. This has been a feature for well over a year, and we're proud to say we've given well over 7,500 --> 10,000 free purchasable ranks over the 4 years of being open.

All future ranks will work and function in a similar fashion, people purchasing stuff starting Friday will receive a special IP to login through via E-Mail automatically. This will ensure they're routed to the server that functions similarly to prison by syncing stuff such as chat to ensure you're on a completely different server but allowing us to offer our current packages. This ensures our EULA compliant state. This will go up on Friday the 13th.

For the most part nothing really has...​
by Karl at 1:52 AM
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CP's Birthday Update #2
Hello everyone!
I am here to bring to you a post that skims the surface of what has consumed 72 hours of my time and took two months of planning alongside the wardens and admins of the SPvP Community.
Although the picture below is not much, I am sure it will not be difficult to determine on what is returning to SPvP.
More information regarding this will be posted very soon!
Your sincerely, Nickj and Staff team

Minecraft Server Information:
Prison Server IP Address: Server.CityPrison.Net
Minecraft SwordPvP KitPvP server IP Address: Kit.SPvP.me
Minecraft Factions Server IP: Factions.SPvP.me
Minecraft SwordPvP/CityPrison Minecraft Prison Server Hub IP Address: SPvP.me
Voting link: https://cityprison.net/
TeamSpeak IP Address: TS.CityPrison.Net​
by Ashour at 1:01 AM
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Factions has now been released!
Join through out lobby using the compass or /server factions
enjoy :)

Hello everyone!
Just a friendly reminder our factions revamp will be out tomorrow!
For the countdown clock please visit: HERE
This time it's accurate!
Also, make sure to checkout the new donor features & ranks!

Minecraft Server Information:
Prison Server IP Address: Server.CityPrison.Net
Minecraft SwordPvP KitPvP server IP Address: Kit.SPvP.me
Minecraft Factions Server IP: Factions.SPvP.me
Minecraft SwordPvP/CityPrison Minecraft Prison Server Hub IP Address: SPvP.me
Voting link: https://cityprison.net/
TeamSpeak IP Address: TS.CityPrison.Net​
by Ashour at 9:23 PM
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May is a very special month, it's CityPrison's birthday! Yay!
in 23 days, we'll be throwing an amazing weekend birthday party!
It'll include some of our classic events, and a throwback to some
of our old event areas... It'll be something spectacular!

But that's 24 days away... over 3 weeks away!
So the countdown begins, Starting with our revamp of our Drug world & revamp of factions.
Drug releasing on 5/6/2016 and Factions on 5/7/2016.
Drug will be released at approx 8:30 PM- 9:30 PM CST (Click me for a countdown)
Factions will be released at approx 2:00 PM CST (Click me for a countdown)

(P.S Pets are back on prison!)

Some information about the reset:

Druglord will be receiving a /almost\ total wipe.
by Ashour at 9:15 PM
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Another month has passed, and we're ready to hand out the amazing buycraft coupon codes these people have earned.
Voting MATTERS, so PLEASE keep on voting, if you don't benefit from the coupon codes, you benefit from helping CityPrison grow. So as always, we ask you to keep voting, and keep supporting the server.

As always, winners please message me on skype to claim your rewards.
Top Voters

1st Exadius 150votes- - $100
2nd [​IMG]_oscar_ 145votes - $90
3rd [​IMG]XxErisVenomousxX 143votes - $80
4th [​IMG]Pythios 140votes - $70
by Ashour at 12:59 AM
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I'm glad to reintroduce our ways of gambling!
We've gotten rid of CityGamble, it was nice while it lasted but time to move on to bigger and better things!
As you can see for the past week Casinos have been reintroduced around prison! More coming soon as well, you can gamble from $1 to $1,000,000 through this way. Risky, but the payoffs can be YUUUUGE!!!

We've also brought back something that has been gone for well over a year! /lottery!
This has been requested several times, and we've gone ahead and added this feature back in to the server.

/lottery will bring up the following message, allowing you to see the current pot and time until draw.
the pot is drawn every hour, so make sure to buy up tickets! You can purchase up to 100 tickets.

/lottery buy <#> will purchase <#> amount of tickets. You can purchase up to 100 tickets per draw!
If you're not on during the drawing, fear not /lottery claim...​
by Ashour at 9:18 PM
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It's that time of month again, where we sit down.. and hand out some buycraft coupon codes :D

Remember, voting has reset so PLEASE vote EVERY day! As much as possible not only do you get daily rewards but you can also get these amazing buycraft coupon codes. PLUS it helps us tremendously, so if neither the buycraft coupon code or the daily rewards entice you we hope that the support you're giving us is that push to vote and help us out.
1st [​IMG]Torerik03 153votes - $100
2nd [​IMG]gougoumath 151votes - $90
3rd [​IMG]_oscar_ 151votes - $80
by Ashour at 3:48 AM
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Today at approx 2:30 AM CST Node-1 the dedicated server containing our prison and databases stalled, we believe it's related to MongoDB our database application that we use for nicknames & inventory syncing.

Due to the entire machine crashing, we had to force reboot the machine. Everything except the MongoDB databases where in-tact.

We've gone ahead and uploaded a /month\ old backup of the mongo database and Stats/NickNames where rolled back ~1 month.
We apologize for this, we strive to ensure our backups are kept onpoint and have recently moved off manual backups to automatic off-site backups.

The issue lays within that we did NOT have an automatic solution to backing up mongodb. Our MySql and normal server files where being backed up hourly on-site and daily off-site meaning we would normally be able to recover losses in this situation within a hour.

We hope to implement an automatic mongoDB back up system ASAP and hope that this doesn't occur in the...
by Ashour at 4:25 PM
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Hello prisoners, welcome to a CityPrison update.
As many of you know, and take full advantage of our quests system on the prison server, we can finally say we're giving it a little make over!

Since we added the Quests for the most part there hasn't been a 'yuuuge' update in regards to messages, skins and the overall content of the Quests.

Over the past week and moving forward for another 1-3 weeks, we will slowly be transitioning current blocks to a more unique Quest system....
What does this mean? Some Quests will be nerfed, some will be buffed. overall though skins of the quests on the prison server will be updated to reflect a more prison theme & match whatever the quest is.

Please note, this will take several weeks to FULLY happen, you'll see that A-D block Quests for the most part have been changed in one way or another, and as we move forward we plan to do it for all Quests in All blocks.

If you have suggestions for quests on prison or kitpvp, feel free...
by Karl at 11:05 PM
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Hello There City-Prison! Back at it again with an update!
The new A-block PvP Area has been released.
We have made a few additions to our PvP Arena which include the following:
- The PvP-Mine has been dropped down and has been merged with the main PvP zone.
- The new PvP Zone has been styled to fit the Spawn Theme.
- Many small changes to surrounding obstacles - Things being taken in and out

As you can see, from the top, not much has changed, for the exception that dropping into PvP must now occur through the red lines no longer can you simply drop into the mine and start mining away!
As you can see, from the bottom portion of the mine several things have changed!


This spawn will be a trial and not a permanent solution to the A-block Spawn PvP
So overall, although this makes the PvP-Mine redundant in the process of it...