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by Ashour at 12:50 PM
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As mentioned in the previous post, the rest is slated to occur Today or Tomorrow.
We've opted for a reset Tomorrow, Saturday 6/2/2016 at nighttime CST (4-11:30 PM CST)
The server will be down for several hours to put together final parts and test a few things, once the server goes down you'll know the reset is in progress.

Legacy Donors/Customers
Ranks, cosmetics and kits (such as crate kits) will be given back on a staged release.
I.E if you purchased 20 crates in CP 4.0 they will NOT be transfered to 20 crates in CP 5.0, crates are a single purchase while a rank or kit is a consistant service we deliver.

Anyone who has purchased standalone crates within the past few weeks will recieve them on prison 5.0 since they did not have a chance to use it long enough, for those people you can expect them to be given back to soon after the reset, if you are missed please contact us (not before 6/10/2017)...​
by Ashour at 3:17 PM
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Hello, it's me. Ashour.
I was wondering if after all these years you'd think we'd miss a anniversary celebration?

Well we didn't -.- over the past 2 months or so @Diamond_Rush1 and I have been working tirelessly on a VERY large update for CityPrison and our 5th anniversary, it just so happens to also be a VERY large coincidence that it's nicknamed 'CityPrison 5.0"

More on that in a bit.

I'd like to start off with saying how exciting it is to be going into our 5th year, it's something I could never imagine occurring. It's beyond amazing to be around for HALF A DECADE. Our community has been around for a 1/3 of some of our players lifetime, not only is this an accomplishment that our community should be proud of it's a goal that would be beyond anyone's imagination. To think, 5 years ago we where simplifying trying to make a normal minecraft server where everyone could join and play and to today, one of the largest Non-OP Minecraft Prison Servers.
Over the...​
by Ashour at 3:16 AM
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This changelog consists of changes to our minecraft prison server, we've performed some VERY large updates so we apologize for any issues!​
  • Prison
    • Updated BlackMarket
      • Prison servers BM signs have a new format & design! Please look at the right/left info walls at /warp bm​
    • AuctionHouse
      • Updated AuctionHouse
        • overhaul of the auction plugin, much cleaner design for messages & info lores!​
The blackmarket update is a rather large update, the reason for this was because of the large issues we've been plauged with on our current version of the BM shop system.
This update should reduce these issues to ZERO. but, it features an entirely new system and an entirely different way to create shops, so please make sure to checkout the layout at /warp bm.

As a sidenote, we do realize the new system takes...​
by Ashour at 11:03 PM
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K-Block in our Prison Server has recieved a facelift!
K-Block build by @KimKat33 @Fluroheart and @HypeInLimitz features luxurious scense of ponds, large and lavish mines and excisting and useful furnace rooms!

K-Block Pond on the prison server featuring some staff members and a UWR.(Unidentified Walking Rabbit)


K-Block features a lush and beautiful scenrary of flowers and grass, this area produces Rabbits, some are dangerous and may contain rabies as seen in the below picture:


In the K-Block prison block there is also an enormous amount of mobs to slay!


Make sure to stop by the prison...
by Ashour at 10:36 PM
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April Top Voters
We've had a tresmendous amount of support through votes this month yet again, we cannot thank you enough for voting and helping the server grow. For anyone who has won a reward this month, please contact me through Skype: Ashour253 or through email (IF you do not have a skype: [email protected])
Thank You once again!

1 - Popkoren - 163 Votes - $100
2 - HypeInLimitz - 158 Votes - $90
3 - Good_Head_ - 154 Votes - $80
4 - MrYazBeck - 153 Votes - $75
5 - Arshia44 - 146 Votes - $60
6 - Takboleh - 138 Votes - $50
7 - AromicBeaver - 135 Votes - $40
8 - AyoCommando - 127 Votes - $30
9 - XxErisVenomousxX - 119 Votes - $20
10 - Hollygwood - 117 votes - $20​
by Ashour at 4:24 PM
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1. MrYazbeck - 165 - $1,000
2. HypeInLimitz - 152 - $$950
3. AyoCommando - 143 - $800
4. PopKoren - 141 - $750
5. XxErisVenomousxX - 118 - $600
6. Good_Head_ - 113 - $500
7. Chimaway - 112 - $550
8. Bonzi_Bonnie21 - 97 - $200
9. Hollygwood - 97 - $200
10. AtomicBeaver - 95 - $200

[ April Fools Joke ]​
I'm sadden to inform you that this will be our last Monthly Top Voter for the month of March, as it stands CityPrison will cease operations on 4/31/2017, our hosting plan will end on 5/14/2016 our website will be put into read online mode.
More information on the reasoning for this will come in the next few weeks as the time nears, as a solitude to the last month of operations our Top Voters have been given an extroindarrly unbeliable amount of buycraft credit, we thank you for your votes.
by Ashour at 10:04 PM
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  • KitPvP
    • Fixed long warning messege for the N word
  • Prison
    • Fixed long warning messege for the N word
    • New warp rules (/warp rules built by staff)
  • Drug
    • Fixed long warning for the N word
by Ashour at 2:53 PM
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  • Website
    • Fixed player images & updated the images to a more reliable system and a new image style.
    • Absent threads are now only viewable to staff.
  • KitPvP
    • Released new map
  • Prison
    • Fixed Titanium shop
    • Fixed Legendary Grinders
  • Drug

You can enjoy this new and refreshing update on our server :)
IP: SPvP.ME & Server.CityPrison.Net
TeamSpeak3 IP: TS.CityPrison.net

New Map Images:
D4xstfO.jpg dyOi3sc.jpg IomA5Gi.jpg
by Ashour at 6:54 PM
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  • Website
    • Updated leaderboard and stats system, all users should now appear on the leaderboard including newer users.
  • KitPvP
    • Added freezing
  • Prison
    • Fixed many lighting issues in Titanium friendly mob grinders
    • Fixed 2nd /warp donor grinder for legacy users
    • Cells and Bm's now show when they expire in MST timezone.
  • Drug
    • Removed titanium & legendary packages on buycraft for legacy users
    • Added how long each farm has a cooldown for in the lore of the GUI.

Top Voters:
Another month has gone by, and we have an exceptional count on our top voters!
as always, please contact me on skype to recieve your reward. You have 7 days to contact me.
Skype: Ashour253

1 - Chaos53 - $100
2 - Zesty_Pretzels - $90
3 - MrYazbeck - $80
4 - fo_dude346 - $70
5 - KimKat33 - $70
6 - Tewn - $50
7 - AyoCommando - $40
8 - SaberTooth100 - $40
9 - ShadowCG - $20
10 - Hollygwood - $20​
by Ashour at 9:59 PM
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  • Forums
    • Rolled out rank syncing for Prison.
      • Syncing can be done via the /link command In-Game, support is only available for Prison at this momment. KitPvP, SkyBlock & Factions support is coming soon.
      • Tags are still considered "BETA" and may be modified at any time, after linking your InGame account to the forums, it may take up to 15 minutes to fully sync. Any rank changes, I.E getting staff or normal /rankup will take around 24hours to update. Currently prestige is displayed as "Prestige1" and not your specific Prestige1 block. Same goes for Prestige 2.
    • Wiki is now "In-Progress" from "In-Development".
  • KitPvP
    • Welcome _DarkAngel to the KitPvP staff team!
    • Anti-Cheat Bug fixes (Not many will see a difference, there was a limited amount of people being false kicked for a specific reason).
    • Punch 1 is removed from ALL kits. Including donor.
    • Introduced Anti-Combat logging.
      • You must remain out of PvP...