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Aug 29, 2020 at 7:20 PM
Feb 20, 2014
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Need help? PM me! OR email me at "[email protected]", Male

Staff Member Forum Admin Titanium

My profile is NOT where you get help from ;-; - Please use email: [email protected] - OR create a thread on the forums May 29, 2016

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Aug 29, 2020
    1. lea
      plz do something
    2. lea
      This is Justindolf2
    3. lea
      I payed 19 dollars for 10 master crates and I haven't gotten them
    4. Sar
    5. rosyrabbit
      Well one day i was on kitpvp and this person was saying he was giving out a GOD rank and i was not that smart then so. I gave them my password and then i lost my account with all my stuff i got.

      Can i have my stuff back? (its on prison)

      Plots : 50x50

      Pets : Iron_Golem Chicken Rabbit

      PM me back

      Username: Rosyrabbit
    6. Mineplex
      I am new and for some reason I can't get in because I need a server name( of which I know nun) and I need iP address. I really do what to play but can find out how to get in
      1. ItzRubix_
        There’s a couple of server IPs that work:
        Apr 15, 2018
    7. Rhidian12
      Why don't you change your privacy settings so that only people you follow can post something on your wall?
      Just a suggestion ^^
      1. ItzRubix_
        Lmao 2 people and 1 hasn’t been on for over 3 years
        Apr 6, 2018
        Rhidian12 likes this.
      2. Rhidian12
        Apr 6, 2018
      3. ItzRubix_
        Yea ik what u mean but it’ll just be quiet lmao
        I suppose that could be better tho
        Apr 6, 2018
    8. logans007
      hey ashour your owner right can you unban me cause itzrubix_ told me that i have to buy/donate and i did so do i just get unbaned or does someone like a admin have to unban me???
      1. ItzRubix_
        The best way to contact Ashour is through email ([email protected]) or Skype (@ashour253). Plus I didn’t say u have to donate. U asked me what’s the link to the donate page and I gave u it.
        Mar 18, 2018
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      2. logans007
        yeah you did itzrubix_
        Mar 18, 2018
      3. logans007
        itzrubix this what you said Since it’s an Ads ban, u can’t appeal the ban so u gotta donate to be unbanned.
        Mar 18, 2018
    9. Tyler
      um hey ashour I was looking to apply for chatmod I just wanted to help support your game and keep chat safe so just thank you if you accept this application
      o and btw one ur chatmod/admin Gravelleaf sent me this

      my account is pacboy2006
      1. ItzRubix_
        This isn’t how you become staff. You need to make a thread in the Apply For ChatMod section and fill out the correct format with as much detail as possible and colour! But don’t copy an application because it’ll be denied f you do!
        Jan 18, 2018
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    10. Dodo
      Ash the legendary/titanium drug dealer page in the shop isn’t up
    11. Demon Shadow
      Demon Shadow
      ItzRubix I did and that's why I'm saying it, it told me that I could and yet everytime I try it it says 'unknown command'. an I am typing /nick properly and /color right as well.
      1. Rhidian12
        1) Please don't post these kind of messages on Ashour's profile, he doesn't like that.
        2) You said you have contacted ashour, but has he responded?
        If he has and it still doesn't work, contact him again or make a thread here https://forums.cityprison.net/forums/DonorHelp/
        Nov 20, 2017
        ItzRubix_ likes this.
      2. ItzRubix_
        You said your doing /Nick and /color? The /nick command is right but the other command is /chatcolor!
        Nov 20, 2017
    12. Demon Shadow
      Demon Shadow
      I bought a package that allows me to change my text color and name at any time, but its not working, do you know why?
      1. ItzRubix_
        Maybe you haven’t received it yet. You should email Ash([email protected]) or Skype him(Ashour253). You recieve an email in game when you buy something so do /mail read in game and see if you have. To use the stuff that you have purchased, do /chatcolor and /nick (after typing /nick, it tells you all the commands to do with your nickname)
        Nov 19, 2017
    13. Thegreatjosh
      hey can i become a guard
      1. Dat1Porkchop
        Hey Josh, You have to apply to become a Guard. You must be F-Block+ and 14+ first. If you meet these requirements then you can fill out the format found in the “Application Formats” forum, then post you’re filled out app into the “Apply for JrGuard” Forum. Good luck
        Oct 14, 2017
    14. cooldud88
      how do you get onto a game
      1. Shopz
        You mean, how to join the server? Go to "multiplayer" when you open minecraft. Once in multiplayer, select the "add server" option. You'll see a blank for the server address. Input this exactly: server.cityprison.com. If you're asking how to join a game mode once connected, you can right click the compass and select one of them, or you can run the command /server (name of the game mode). Ex: /server prison.
        Sep 4, 2017
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    15. Shopz
      Hey, you should change your profile settings to only allow people you follow to post on your wall. It would help a ton.
    16. Jayden
      could i please be a staff even though im not old enough Dat1Porkchop said if i ask nicely you might say yes
      1. Shopz
        You need to fill out an application. Click "forums" and navigate to the applications section and select which role you'd wish to apply for. Be sure to read and fill out the format before submitting your application!
        Aug 21, 2017
        UnwantedTerror likes this.
    17. MrGodlyzFx
      hey ash
      my ign is MrGodlyzFx
      i can see i have a rank when i type or tab
      at the right side rankup cost says 0 and cant rankup
    18. Eugeue
      Hey Ashour
      We have a in game rank now but still can,t do /ru
    19. Njoomy
      Hey ashour i bought a god rank and still haven't recieved it back.
    20. Fargnin
      Ashour, I dud the recovery for my Round 7 kit's. I got mail in-game that said It has gone through but was given to IRONIC4WIN. Then I tried /kit and I did not see them and I could not claim them. Can you fix this error? -Fargnin
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