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Advent Calendar

Discussion in 'Anouncements' started by Ashour, Dec 11, 2016.

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  1. Ashour

    Ashour Need help? PM me! OR email me at "[email protected]" Staff Member Owner Forum Admin


    Similar to 2015's Christmas Celebrations we've re-introduced the Advent Calendar! Login every day and ensure you collect your days reward, open the menu via /calendar and click on the days date (Time is in MST GMT -7)

    Happy Holidays!​
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  2. fo_dude346

    fo_dude346 Member Moderator Titanium Member

    Thanks for making me learn how to properly spell calendar <3.
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  3. pure skulls

    pure skulls Member Titanium M-Block Member

    Loving the bring back of a good addition to cp!
  4. AndrewScout

    AndrewScout Active Member God M-Block Member

    Happy holidays to you too, Ashour! And to all of the rest of the City Prison community!
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  5. Seanic

    Seanic New Member Member

    So how does this work? I've claimed them, but haven't seen anything show up in my inventory. Is the stuff you've claimed sent to you on Christmas day?
  6. fo_dude346

    fo_dude346 Member Moderator Titanium Member

    Typically it's like a couple of ingots or blocks, sometimes it's money or etokens. If it is money or tokens it will message you telling you what you got. I am not entirely sure what it was today.
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