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Application for City Prison, Splash94

Discussion in 'Junk' started by Splash94, Aug 7, 2019.

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  1. Splash94

    Splash94 New Member

    Aug 7, 2019
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    IGN: Splash94
    How old are you: 14
    What is your timezone (GMT): EDT
    How long have you played on CityPrison: A few days
    How many hours a day can you guard for: 4-5
    What is your current rank (Block): F
    Do you have experience with prison servers: Yea
    Do you have experience with guard ranks: Somewhat
    Have you read all of the server rules and know your way around the prison: Yep
    What makes you the best guard applicant: I always take everything seriously and juts wanna help the server grow.
    Whats your Discord tag (You need Discord, and must have a mic): Splash94
    Additional Info:i would really like to help In anyway possible

    Q1. What are the jail times for these items; enchanted weapons, unenchanted weapons, drugs/golden apples?
    Enchanted weapons: 10 minutes, unchanted weapons: 5 minutes, any goldenn apples or drugs: 10 minutes
    Q2. What do you do if someone suicides on you with a lot of contraband items or throws a lot of contraband items on you?
    Jail time for 15 minutes.
    Q3. What are the jail times for donors?
    Its cut in half from the original time.
    Q4. If the player, when asked for the contraband, puts it in his inventory/pv, what do you do?
    You get jail time and your item is put in "Jail Times".
    Q5. If someone logs out during a countdown what do you do? What about jail evasion?
    Results in a 10 minute temp ban, and for jail evasion results in 1 warn ban for double jail time.
    Q6. Can Admins and Commanders be jailed? What about JrWarden+?
    Admins and commanders can be jailed and Jrwarden and above cannot be jailed
    Q7. Can you take swords from players in mob farms? What about donor grinders?
    No you cannot, and u also cant in grinders
    Q8. If you are going to jail a donor for having an enchanted sword how long would it be? What about legendary/titanium?
    It would be 5 minutes for a donor. It would be 5 minutes for a legendary or titanium
    Q9. Are you allowed to pvp as a guard either on or off-duty?
    off duty guards cant pvp, On duty cards can pvp in order to defend them selves.
    Q10. Do you jail someone if they have the effects of a drug?
    Q11. If a player drops a contraband item and another player picks it up, what do you do?
    The it item wil be taken.
    Q12. Are you allowed to keep items taken from players and keep them for yourself and friends?
    Q13. Are you allowed to take away contraband from a player if they just logged into the server?
    Q14. What should you do if you come across a sugarcane/cactus farm?
    Find thee owner and get other guards to help me get ride of it
    Q15. What is line pvp, and what do you do if you see someone do this?
    it is hitting a player the running over the safe line, staff will kick u twice before banning u temp for 5 minutes
  2. ItzRubix_

    ItzRubix_ Well-Known Member
    Titanium Member

    Aug 17, 2017
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    “Applying for city prison”, You’re applying for the whole server? Just for that you deserve Steve onto you. Big up Steve.
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  3. SilverNightFrost

    SilverNightFrost New Member
    Support Titanium Member

    Jun 23, 2017
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    This app seems like it lacks effort. Add color to the app. Pick one for the questions and another for the answers. Add more details to the answers too. These are just suggestions... I personally have not seen you in-game but good luck on the app.
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  4. Bubbywolf15

    Bubbywolf15 Ya Boii
    Titanium Premium Member

    Mar 2, 2014
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    I would definitely suggest redoing the app and adding more colour/organization to your application. Also, you only joined a few days ago. I personally don't think a few days is enough to be familiar with the server. For that, and the fact you didn't include the position you're applying for, I'm going to have to give a -1. But regardless, good luck and enjoy the server.
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  5. Tradie

    Tradie Active Member
    Staff Member Admin Wiki Team Titanium Premium Member

    Sep 6, 2018
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    - Are there different times for Donor's?

    - Is that for all donor ranks? Including Legendary and Titanium.

    - Incorrect, should I continue counting down?

    - This question is correct however in saying that, maybe try to reword this sentence.

    - Incorrect, players are allowed to have items taken from them in standard grinders however, players are exempt from this in donor grinders.

    - 5 minutes is correct for Donor, God, Platinum however Legendary and Titanium have a different jail time. You can find it at /warp rules in game.

    - Incorrect. If they are holding a drug, do i jail them accordingly?

    - This answer does not read well. Try to reword it.

    - What would i do if they did only just log in?
    - What about new players unaware of the rules? What would I do?

    - Do any of these farms exist in the plot world? If they do, what steps would i take?

    - What are the times for each offence?

    Overall this application severely lacks detail as others have already said. I would recommend making the changes necessary and continue playing the server for a better understanding of how everything works. During that time ensure you are greeting new players and answering questions where applicable.

    Personally i don't believe you are ready for a staff position on this server.
    Best of luck.
    - Tradie
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  6. Dodo

    Dodo Member

    Jul 18, 2017
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    Big up Steve!
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  7. starkissed

    starkissed |Ex JrWarden|
    Staff Member Titanium Forum Admin Premium Member

    Jun 7, 2015
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    Denied. You haven’t made any updates to your application and I think you applied too soon. Get to know the server better and the rules. Re apply in 3 weeks.
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