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Ban appeal

Discussion in 'Junk' started by binkvh, Sep 23, 2019.

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  1. binkvh

    binkvh New Member

    Sep 23, 2019
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    ~ Ban Appeal Format ~
    IGN: binkvh
    Time occurred:2019-09-23
    Why should you be unbanned:
    Well, I didn't use hacks, I'm just good ad PvP and I was lagging so maybe they thought that I was hacking.
    Then some dude said that I had a bad client and I thought he ment my Minecraft, that I was playing on a different Minecraft version than him, maybe a bit older so I said no it's a good client and then a mod said do you want to show me your client bink and I said yes so I wanted to send him some screenshots and then I was suddenly teleported and smited and banned.
    So I don't know why I'm banned for killaura.
    My pc doesn't even handle hacks (my brother tried on a single player world).

    So that's why I need to be unbanned.
    Picture of your screen logging in:https://ibb.co/SB81v6B
    What server were you banned on: prisons

    You must wait one month to appeal, after you've DENIED.

    You may not appeal Advertisement Bans.
    You may not appeal Temp Bans.
    Do not bump your appeal.
    Do not ask a high tier staff member to look at your appeal.
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  2. Ecl1pzx

    Ecl1pzx New Member
    Titanium Member

    Feb 26, 2019
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    -1 Had to use Google Translate to understand this
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  3. Smiley563.

    Smiley563. Member
    Admin Member

    Jun 21, 2016
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    In your screenshot you posted you have auto-reconnect
    which means you on some sort of client and
    Auto Relog is not allowed.
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  4. starkissed

    starkissed |Ex JrWarden|
    Staff Member Titanium Forum Admin Premium Member

    Jun 7, 2015
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    Denied. Re-appeal in one month.
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