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ChatMod App.

Discussion in 'Junk' started by Averyan, Jan 9, 2019.

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  1. Averyan

    Averyan New Member

    Jan 9, 2019
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    Discord: Averyan#1342
    Time Zone: EST, Eastern Standard
    Time Played: I've played roughly 2 weeks recently; however, I used to be an active member a couple years ago under the different IGN "XxuninvitedxX."
    Daily Playtime: Until Uni starts back up, I can be on however long needed. Near the end of January however, due to school and my work schedule, I will only be able to be on for shorter periods of time (around maybe 4 hours a day).
    Current Rank: At the time of application, I am "I Block."
    Exp.w/ Prison: I've never been active staff on a prison server, however, I do have plenty of experience in playing on them.
    Exp. w/ Staff: I have a lot of staffing experience in my time playing Minecraft. I have been from ranks such as "Helper" to "Head Admin/ Technician." Being responsible for everything from kicking inappropriate players to server-wide editing and managing.
    Server Rules: Yes, I am fairly confident in all the rules in regards to playing on the server as what a player can and cannot do. To be fair though I am still rough on everything that pertains to guards and the contraband aspects of CityPrison.
    Why Me: I believe I am a great candidate for the ChatMod position for two primary reasons.
    (1) I believe that the ChatMod/Helper rank is best for someone who wants the day- to-day player to enjoy there time on the server. Meaning they get the help they need and the access to resources to allow them to get the best in-game experience.
    (2) A Helper needs to be a good representation of the server they are representing and I am a very friendly and helpful person that wishes to do the best I can to help players in need.

    Additional Info: (1) I have a very large experience pool in building and massive server construction.
    (2) Irrelevant to the application, but for some reason a lot of server members believe I am female, which is not the case.

    Q1. What are all of the mute times, and how many warns before each mute?
    CAPS - 2 warnings, 10m mute.
    VULGAR - 2 warnings, 10m mute.
    SPAM - 1 warning, 10m mute.
    "LAG" - 0 warnings, 5m mute.
    HARASSMENT - 0 warnings, 30m mute.

    Q2. How do I earn money?
    There are many ways to earn money on the server. The primary way is to mine in the different blocks and sell the ores and ingots you find in the block shops or the Black Market. Second, to mining, there are tree farms, mob grinders, quests, and auctions you can do to receive income.
    Q3. Where do I get food? Will I starve?
    Every 5 minutes you are able to use the "/kit Food" command to receive free steak; however, in blocks, there are usually mob farms you can use and of course always search the Black Market.
    Q4. How do I auction my sword?
    There are two main ways of auctioning an item on the server. The easiest is to be holding the item you'd like to sell and type the command "/ah sell <price>". However, you can also use the "/auc" command to list a more immediate way to list your item for the entire server to see in chat.
    Q5. What are drugs?
    Drugs are different buffs and enhancements that contribute to your play on the server. Similar to Vanilla Minecraft's golden apples, buffs can give you anything from a speed boost, to jumping higher and giving you more health regen. However, drugs are accessed and made by those ranked Drugdealer+, so you either need to come in contact with a player that rank, or find them in the Black Market.
    Q6. How do I vote?
    Accessible through the CityPrison website, "Cityprison.net", you can vote by simply typing "/vote" in the server chat and a link will appear for you to click on that will redirect you to the 5 sites that allow you to vote. Voting gives you in in-game rewards as well.
    Q7. How do I get a plot?
    To own a plot for yourself simply hit the warp sign behind spawn, or type "/warp plots" and you'll enter the plot world. From there, if you have the proper funding (50k) you can type "/plot autoclaim" to be given a random plot in the world, or you if you find an empty one next to a friend, type "/plot claim" and you'll take it as your own.
    Q8. How can I tell how long is left on my cell?
    In the cellblocks, above each cell is a sign that will tell you the expiration date of your cell when clicked on.
    Q9. Why am I in jail?
    Yikes! You're in jail for the crimes that you've committed against Skyrim and its people!...or you broke one of the role-play/ in-game rules! The primary reason that you're in jail is most likely the fact that you you had a contraband item and when a guard+ requested the item, you didn't hand it over. Don't worry though, jail times are temporary for smaller crimes and you'll be released soon.
    Q10. Where can I see how much time is left on my friend’s ban?
    On the server website Cityprison.net, there is an option for you to view bans and other related activity for yourself and others.
    Q11. Someone stole an item from my furnace, can you get it back for me?
    Unfortunately, any items you use and have in the prison are kept at your own risk. However, in each block in the near vicinity of the mines are smaller rooms that you can use furnaces in. These rooms activate iron doors to ensure that no other player can have access to the room while you're in it.
    Q12. How do I make a black market buy or sell sign?
    The black market uses a chest shop based plugin that allows you to directly relate a sign to a chest for selling and buying things. In the front of the black market, there is a wall that lists the different rules on running a shop, as well as how to make them and format your signs.
    Q13. How do I become chatmod?
    To become a chatmod, wait until you're "F-block" and at least 14 years of age then apply online at Cityprison.net!
    Q14. I hate this. Can I buy my freedom with real money?
    Yes, and No. Using "/donate" or the server website link CityPrison.net you can purchase upgrades and higher tiers in the server; however, none of the ranks are necessarily freedom except for higher tier drug-related ranks.
    Q15. Who owns the server?
    The server is run by a family of admins who all look up to the lord and savior Ashour.
    Q16. Why is my name green in chat?
    CityPrison uses a chat plugin that allows users to be alerted whenever someone may try and contact them in chat. By using at least 4 characters of a person name they will be alerted via green chat that someone is mentioning them. However, take my name "Averyan" for example, every time someone types 'everybody' or other various words that contain "very" in it my chat will light up green. This does not necessarily mean I'm being contacted.
    Q17. What are grams?
    In the various blocks, black market, and stores the server-wide currency is called a gram.
    Q18. How much does a cell cost? How much does a black market stall cost?
    Cells and black market stalls are both relatively cheap to purchase, however, require constant funding to keep. You can purchase a cell for 500 grams, as well as a black market stall for 5000 grams.
    Q19. How do I escape?
    By playing in the prison and serving your time, eventually, you will rank up to the Drug-Dealer, and Drug-Lord tier. These are escaping the prison!
    Q20. How do I report a player?
    If an active staff member is online, feel free to let them know about the issue. However, to file a more formal report, you can use the forums on Cityprison.net!
    Q21. I fell through the world, can I have my stuff back?
    Unfortunately no, all items you obtain and have on the prison are your responsibility to keep safe. If you have something that you would like to keep special to yourself, use the "/pv 1" command to store your items in a virtual chest.
    Q22. What are quests and how do I do them?
    Quests are little mini-missions that allow you to do simple to complex tasks for grams on the server. To activate a quest and perform it, simply walk up to one of the multiple NPC characters in the various blocks and right click on them to interact. To view active quests you can use the "/quest" command to check status and more.
    Q23. Can I have OP?
    No, however you can apply for JrGuard and Chatmod!
    Q24. Am I allowed to have enchanted items?
    Yes, but with a twist. Online you'll encounter many players with swords, tools, and armor that is all enchanted and powerful. However with the guards out and about there is the chance that you can lose the items that you have enchants on. Use "/warp rules" to see what kinds of items you should not be caught with and how they will affect player interaction.
    Q25. Can you unban my friend? How can they be unbanned?
    Depending upon the circumstance, a lot of bans can be appealed and put through a process to restore a person to the CityPrison server. If the offense was of a minor action, your friend can submit an appeal on the forums to hopefully be passed.
    Q26. Can a player be added to my plot or perm cell? If so, how?
    Yes! In plots, you can use the command "/plot add <user>" to allow someone access when youre online, and for the others contact a staff member that's online!
  2. BrOsChErRy

    BrOsChErRy Member
    Support Titanium Member

    Mar 16, 2017
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  3. 4AcreFarmer

    4AcreFarmer Member

    May 17, 2017
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    There are also other chat violations.
    Can you donate for any command that heals hunger in-game?
    Can I donate for a plot. Are there bigger plots than 10x10 plots?
    Hit the expiation well, but can't you just put it in your application?
    Any other requirements? Hint: Discord ect
    Some cells cost more. I don't play CP a lot anymore, but I believe some cost 15,000 grams.
    What if I show an admin video proof of me dieing in the void? Do I get my items back?
    Are there punishments for asking for OP more than once?
    What about cells?

    Overall, some hard points were hit but... there are some problems I think you must fix. Having the most detailed application increases your chances by over 200%.
    ( unless your me :( )
    Not going to give a rating yet. Best of Luck getting on the staff team.

  4. Mr_lonely132

    Mr_lonely132 Builder
    Staff Member Admin Titanium Premium Member

    Jun 2, 2016
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    Don't listen to 4Acrefarmer this application is 10/10. btw you're* @4AcreFarmer . Your application is amazing just fix the minor issues that you missed and you should be perfectly fine. Good luck!
  5. OnlySnow

    OnlySnow New Member
    SrGuard Legendary Titanium Member

    Jul 22, 2018
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    You’re so sweet in-game and active! I wish you the best of luck Averyan!
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  6. Tradie

    Tradie Member
    Moderator Titanium Member

    Sep 6, 2018
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    Great person both in game and in discord. Always helping people on the server when possible, which is a great attitude for those who want to become staff. You are also fairly active.

    Your application is also pretty neat but there are a few questions which could use a little more detail but eh. You know your stuff!

    You would be a great addition to the Chat Staff team.

    Best of luck mate,


  7. jrdxix

    jrdxix Member
    Moderator Wiki Team Titanium Member

    Jul 3, 2017
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    I don't understand why you are so quick to shoot others down. They are minor mistakes, he got the main points across.

    I haven't talked to you a ton in game but everyone else on the staff team thinks highly of you. I think you would be a great addition +1. Best of luck!

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  8. 4AcreFarmer

    4AcreFarmer Member

    May 17, 2017
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    Honestly, why are you jumping on me so hard. If you can't read, I even said he hit the some hard points already. I guess CP has faded from super detailed applications. Like this server is dumb. If your saying I can go make chatmod application in 5 minutes going though all the questions. The answears are 1-6 words long. Like what the cat that sounds stupid.
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  9. XxEpIcXcReEpErXx

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    Jul 24, 2015
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    I normally don't agree with 4Acre but why is criticism shooting someone down? If anything the criticism would help the applicant to make a more detailed application therefor having a higher chance of acceptance. Plus, the may come across something they don't know and learn something in the process making them a better staff member in the future. Sure, their application could pass for acceptance but would some more detail and effort ever hurt? I don't get what the problem was here.

    As for the applicant, I don't really play anymore so I can't really comment so all I can say is the application looks good and good luck.
    #9 XxEpIcXcReEpErXx, Jan 11, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019
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  10. XxErisVenomousxX

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    Oct 17, 2014
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