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ChatMod Application

Discussion in 'Junk' started by TaliaK, Dec 31, 2018.

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  1. TaliaK

    TaliaK New Member

    Dec 28, 2018
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    (Zilv thank you so much!!! <3)

    How old are you: 14
    what is your time-zone (GMT): GMT+2
    How long have you played on City Prison: I don't remember exactly but I think a little more then 3 years with a break in the middle.
    How many hours a day can you be on for: At the weekends (Thrusday till Saterday (Thursday is a school day)) I can play about 10 hours if I don't have any plans with my family. and in school days (Sunday till Thursday) i can play about 4 hours.
    What is your current rank (Block): L
    Do you have experience with prison servers: Yes, I do.
    Do you have experience with support/helper ranks: No
    Have you read all of the server rules, understand the donation system, and the way the server works: Yes, I do, i read all the rules.
    What makes you the best support/helper applicant:
    I think I'm suitable for the job because I don't speak bad language and usually help the newcomers in the server, tell them the rules and answer their questions. I know a lot about the server and I think I can be a great help to the server
    Do you have Discord and Teamspeak (You need Discord, and must have a mic): Yes, I do have Discord and I do have a mic (TaliaK #0624).
    Additional Info: I play a lot in this server and I really like it, I want to be an official guard because until now I've helped and answered people's questions informally and i want to help them as a guard and not just as a random person. By the way my native language is Hebrew.

    Q1. What are all of the mute times, and how many warns before each mute?
    1. Spam- 1 warn and then 10 minutes mute
    2. Vulgar- 2 warns and then 10 minutes mute
    3. Caps- 2 warns and then 10 minutes mute
    4. Advertisements- instant mute (send screenshot to T-3 so they can ban)
    5. Spamming lag while server lag- instant mute for 5 minutes
    6. Discrimination- instant mute for 30 minutes
    7. Harassment (Excessive)- instant mute for 30 minutes

    Q2. How do I earn money?
    You can mine, do some quests and sell things at the Black Market.
    Q3. Where do I get food? Will I starve?
    No, you won't starve. You can get food from /kit food, or you can kill pigs, chickens, sheeps and cows and cook them.
    Q4. How do I auction my sword?
    You need to hold the sword (or any other item you want to auction) in your hand and do /auc <how many items you want to auction> <starting price> <how much you want the price will rise every time> <time for the auction><price if you want to buy the item right now> you don't have to use the time or buy now.
    Q5. What are drugs?
    Drugs give you abilitys like speed, jump, strength and more
    Q6. How do I vote?
    You can vote at the website [https://cityprison.net/vote] or search Google City Prison Vote.
    Q7. How do I get a plot?
    First, you need 50k to buy a plot. Then, you need to go to /warp plots and do /plotme auto , which gives you a random plot.
    Q8. How can I tell how long is left on my cell?
    You need to go to your cell (/warp cells), click on the sign and put your mouse on the chest image, there you can see for how long is left on your cell.
    Q9. Why am I in jail?
    You can be jailed if a guard asks you and you don't give him the item like:
    1. golden apples or drugs/dyes (10 minutes jailed)
    2. regular weapon (5 minutes jailed) or enchanted weapon (axes included) (10 minutes jailed)
    3. suicide with lots of contrabands (15 minutes jailed)
    4. throwing lots of contrabands at a guard (5 minutes jailed)

    Q10. Where can I see how much time is left on my friend’s ban?
    You can search your friend's IGN at the the website http://cityprison.net/bans/prison/ and check there.
    Q11. Someone stole an item from my furnace, can you get it back for me?
    I'm sorry but I can't. It's your responsibility to watch your items while cooking them.
    Q12. How do I make a black market buy or sell sign?
    At the first line you need to write your IGN.
    At the second line you write how many item you want to sell/buy.
    At the third line you write S or B (Sell or Buy) and then the price.
    At the fourth you write the name of the item you sell/buy.

    Q13. How do I become chatmod?
    If you want to become a chatmod you need to go to the forums and write your application.
    Q14. I hate this. Can I buy my freedom with real money?
    of course you can. Do /donate .
    Q15. Who owns the server?
    The name of the is Ashour. Feel free to add him on skype. Ashoour's skype: Ashour253
    Q16. Why is my name green in chat?
    If someone writes your name in chat, the message appears in green.
    Q17. What are grams?
    Q18. How much does a cell cost? How much does a black market stall cost?
    A cell costs 500$ per day and a black market stall costs 15000$ per day.
    Q19. How do I escape?
    There are ranks like Legendary & Titaniom the jail time will be 1/4 and if you are at Donor rank it will be halved.
    Q20. How do I report a player?
    To report a player you need to take screenshots or a video or anything that can use as an evidence and go to the website --> [https://forums.cityprison.net/forums/ReportPlayer/], scroll down, click Post new Thread and answer the categories:
    Offender's IGN:
    Server: (Prison, KitPVP, Teamspeak, etc.)
    Time Occurred:
    What Happened:

    Q21. I fell through the world, can I have my stuff back?
    I can't get your stuff back. Just a Teir4+ member can if you got a proof.
    Q22. What are quests and how do I do them?
    Quests are tasks you do to get money (grams) or other thing. To do a quest you need to right click on the NPC, then a toolbar will pop up, right click on the item there and the quest will start and you will have to bring the NPC what it has requested. Right click on the NPC with the item it requested in your hand and the quest will be completed.
    Q23. Can I have OP?
    No, you can't get such permissions. if you will keep ask that you will get 2 warns and then 7 days tempban.
    Q24. Am I allowed to have enchanted items?
    Yes, but if you use it as a weapon in pvp a guard can ask for this item. If you refuse to hand over the weapon you will be jailed.
    Q25. Can you unban my friend? How can they be unbanned?
    Only Tier3 staff can Un-ban a player.
    They can buy an un-ban at --> [http://donate.cityprison.net/category/7183].
    Or they can appeal a ban at --> [https://forums.cityprison.net/forums/BanAppeal/].

    Q26. Can a player be added to my plot or perm cell? If so, how?
    To add a player to your plot do / plot add <player name>.
    If you want to remove a player do /plot remove <player name>.
    You can't add a player to a cell.
  2. OnlySnow

    OnlySnow New Member
    SrGuard Legendary Titanium Member

    Jul 22, 2018
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    You could use some work on your application, lets take a look <3

    Adding detail will help you with getting accepted! I think listing the drugs and what they do will help you out:)

    What do I get from voting? Is there a reward?
    I don’t see any tokens, where are they and how do I find them?

    I want a certain plot that is unclaimed, how do I claim it?

    Where can I cook/smelt items to make sure no one can steal my items again?

    Are there any requirements? Where Can I find the application forum?

    You can’t technically be free. Drug dealer is like freedom, but there is not an actual “freedom” rank.:p

    Don’t forget, if someone says 4+ characters that lineup with your ign, it will also appear green. For example, when people say, “terrible” the message is green because “erri” is in the word berries. My ign is snowberries.
    It shows green to tell you that someone may be trying to text you.:D

    This is not the best answer to put down. Grams is the in-game currency. ;)

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Black Markets costs 5,000 In-game dollars a day. The BM in the middle costs 15-20k a day. Some costs more than others:)

    I don’t believe this covers the question. Drugdealer is basically escaping. Try this one again:rolleyes:

    I am donor rank, will my enchanted gear and weapons be taken away? If I hold out my weapon, can a guard ask it from me?

    You can add players to cells if you donate for the perms at /donate.

    Good Luck!
  3. 4AcreFarmer

    4AcreFarmer Member

    May 17, 2017
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    Very nice and colorful application. There's some corrections that could be made that snow suggested. Other than that your pretty set.
    Good Luck
  4. BrOsChErRy

    BrOsChErRy Member
    Support Titanium Member

    Mar 16, 2017
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    Your application needs some corrections as Snow stated above.
    You're a great player and helps players out in chat.

    i'm staying neutral for now, untill you correct your application.

    I wish you the best of luck!
  5. WhiteShadow3713

    WhiteShadow3713 New Member
    Legendary Titanium Member

    Oct 24, 2017
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    -1, no experience, does not know much about server at all, lack of detail

    You need to figure out how the server works before you apply
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  6. XxErisVenomousxX

    Staff Member SrWarden Titanium Member

    Oct 17, 2014
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