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Game CityPrison Rules (Prison only)

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Dat1Porkchop, Jan 29, 2018.

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  1. Dat1Porkchop

    Dat1Porkchop IIconic
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    Mar 28, 2014
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    Hello Prisoners! The following is a list of all the rules as seen in /warp rules explained with a little more detail as I've seen people wanting. So here it is.
    -=Muteable Rules=-

    Warnable rules:

    Spam - 1 Warn followed by a 10 Minute Mute. Spam includes messages that have 6+ of the same consecutively repeated character, 3+ of the same repeated message (Can be sent immediately after or during a short period of time) or any post that is random letters just typed into chat to serve no purpose
    Here are some examples of spam:
    • "Hiiiiii", "wtf!!!!!!", "shshshshshsh, "000000"
    • Hey everyone! (Sent 3 times into chat)
    • "hdsjakhadhak37218dkhua782dajksdhlw89arynv3wa"

    Vulgar - 2 Warns followed by a 10 Minute Mute. This rule covers any sort of language that can be seen as offensive, crude and innapropriate. I will not list the words here but what words can and can not be used should really be common sense. If you are not sure about a word, please do not ask "Hey is ****, considered vulgar?" in the main chat, Instead privately message a staff member and ask them there, This way you will not get warned for it. There are a few vulgar words that can be situational and may or may not be warned for depending on the context. Please note that even censoring part of the word in any way will still result in a warn and/or mute.

    Caps - 2 Warns followed by a 10 Minute Mute. This rule covers "Excessive caps" Which can be left up to the staff to decide what is and what isn't Excessive. Normally staff go by 3+ words in a short post or anything that has a large amount of caps in it. This does include company names even if said company name is in all caps, This doesn't mean you have to say it in all caps. Please note that accidental use of caps lock is also warnable, Even if you didn't mean to do it
    Here are some examples of caps:
    • "HEY PORKY YOU FINE" "HeY pOrKy YoU fInE" "hEY pORKY yOU fINE"
    Staff Disrespect - 2 Warns followed by a 10 Minute Mute. This rule covers any sort of Disrespect towards staff members, keep in mind you are allowed to banter with staff just like any other player, But once the staff member ends up feeling insulted and/or disrespected they may warn you for this rule. This warn can only be issued out by the Staff member that is targeted if they are online, If a player starts disrespecting a staff member who is offline or AFK then the online staff are allowed to warn for Staff Disrespect if they feel it's appropriate. Keep in mind staff are human too, Just because one thing doesn't annoy one staff member doesn't mean it won't annoy the rest.

    Staff Impersonation - 2 Warns followed by a 10 Minute Mute. This rule includes anything that could be seen as an attempt to impersonate a staff member, This includes typing commands used by staff into chat or blatantly telling people that you are staff when in reality you are not.
    Here are some examples of staff impersonation:
    • typing things like, "/warn Dat1Porkchop Spam 1"
    • "Hi, I'm steve and I'm an Admin"
    Insta-Mute rules:

    Harassment - 30 Minute Mute. This is what it given out to players who keep harassing a player even when asked to stop. Normally staff will ask the person atleast twice to stop before handing out this mute. If you're being harassed by another player please talk to an online staff member about it.

    Discrimination - 30 Minute Mute. This rule covers racism aswell as most other Discriminative words and/or phrases. If you're not sure if something is or isn't considered Racist or Discriminative towards Religions etc., message an online staff member and ask them in PM, Please don't ask it in main chat.

    Spamming lag during server lag - 5 Minute Mute. Pretty self explanatory, If someone starts spamming during server lag, they will be muted for this reason.

    Advertising - 1 Day Mute (Support and below only). This rule is in place in the occasion that someone Advertises when no staff members Moderator+ are online to ban them, Once muted the staff member will report to higher staff (Moderator+) and they will ban the offender from there.

    Perm mutes:

    Perm mutes are given out by Admin+ staff only. There are certain conditions that have to be met in order to receive a perm mute.
    The Conditions are as following:
    • 100 warns or 50 mutes in a month.
    • Getting 5 pages of history on cityprison.net/bans in one day.
    • Receiving 5 racism or harassment mutes in a single day.
    • Logging on just to cause problems
    • Having numerous past incidents of spamming then logging off.
    -=Bannable Rules=-

    Temp-bannable rules (Not Appealable in any way):

    Having a staff members skin - a verbal warn, then a kick followed by a 1 Hour Ban.

    Having an inappropriate skin - a verbal warn, then a kick followed by a 12 Hour Ban. Having any skin that may be seen as Offensive, rude, or inappropriate.

    Having an inappropriate IGN - 30 Day Ban (Moderator+ only). Similar to the above rule but applying to IGNs instead.

    Scamming in a BM store - 7 Day Ban.

    Spamming /lotto buy, /msg, /mail, /party or /pay - 10 Minute Ban. Must be done 5+ times n a row to count. Only Admin+ staff will actually see this happen as it happens, If none are on, please contact a staff member, They will ask you to provide evidence normally via Discord, Then the ban will take place.

    Asking for a ban - 1 Day Ban. Once the player has asked for a ban a staff member will ask if they are sure. If the player replies yes then the ban will proceed.

    Having a chest shop outside the BM - 1 Day Ban (JrWarden+ only)

    Exploiting a Glitch - 7 Day Ban. Abusing a glitch to gain an advantage in any way.

    Bypassing a mute - 1 Day Ban. This include ANY sort of in game communication, Including /mail, signs, pets, books, talking with an alt. Literally any sort of in game communication.

    Complaining about a staff demotion - 3 Day Ban.

    PvP Logging - 1st Offence = 1 Day Ban, 2nd Offence = 2 Day Ban. 3rd-9th Offence = 3 Day Ban. 10th Offence = Permanent Ban with a chance to Appeal. 11th Offence = Permanent Ban with No Appeal. If you crashed or were kicked by the server and were in-turn banned for PvP Logging, Please provide some proof of the crash/kick to the Staff member who banned you and you might be able to get the ban reversed.

    Spamming /suicide - 1 Day Ban.

    Scamming in Auction or in the AH - 1 Day Ban.

    Items in Auction or in the AH with Innapropriate names - 1 Day Ban

    Flooding a BM or Cell with water - 1 Hour Ban

    Having a pet in PvP - 2 Verbal Warns followed by a 12 Hour Ban. This includes having a pet following you in a PvP zone, Having a pet in a PvP zone in any way shape or form is considered breaking this rule.

    Building a wall around DrugDealer world spawn (Or any other free world that could be implemented in the future) - 12 Hour Ban

    AFKing with an Alt at a grinder or farm - 3 Day Ban

    Bypassing a Ban - Ban for the remaining time of the banned accounts ban. This is allowed if the banned account is banned for an Inappropriate IGN aslong as the account used to bypass does not also have an Inappropriate IGN.

    Asking for OP - 2 warns followed by a 7 Day Ban

    Sexual Harassment - 1st Offence = 3 Day Ban, 2nd Offence = 7 Day Ban, 3rd Offence = 30 Day Ban, 4th Offence = Perm Ban with chance of an Appeal

    Inappropriate pet name - 1 Day Ban

    Having a similar IGN to a staff member - 30 Day Ban

    Perm bannable rules:

    Having Illegal Items - Perm Ban with a chance of an Appeal. See below for a list of Illegal items

    Having an illegal mod or client - Perm Ban with a chance of an Appeal. See below for a list of Legal mods

    Duplicating items - Perm Ban with a chance of an Appeal.

    Doxing or Threatening to Dox - Perm Ban with No Appeal.

    Threatening to DDoS - Perm Ban with No Appeal.

    Spam Bots - Perm Ban with No Appeal.

    Advertising - Perm Ban with No Appeal.

    The following is a list of LEGAL mods that can be used on CP:
    • Armor Hud mods
    • Potion mods
    • 5zig
    • Optifine
    • Damage Indicator
    • Keystrokes

    The following is a list of ILLEGAL items that being in possession of will lead to a ban if not handed over to a staff member:
    • Anything with redstone
    • Maps
    • Compasses
    • Item Frames
    • Golden Carrots
    • Redstone
    • Nether Wart
    • Hoppers
    • Lava
    • Anvils
    • Bedrock
    • Enchanting Tables
    • Ender Chests
    • Blaze Rods
    • Ghast Tears
    • Dispensers
    • Sea Lanterns
    • Clocks
    • Shields
    • Pistons (Normal and Sticky)
    • Flint and Steel
    • Buckets
    • Brewing Stands
    • Items with imposible enchantments
    • Mob/Player Heads
    • Flowers (Excluding Dandelions)
    • Glowstone
    • Prismarine Shards
    • Prismarine Crystals
    • Glitched Items
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  2. Fluroheart

    Fluroheart Member
    Titanium Member

    May 11, 2015
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    Now no one can complain about the rules not being clear ;)

    Another helpful post the amazing Porkie Pie.
    Great job on this!
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  3. ItzRubix_

    ItzRubix_ Well-Known Member
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    Aug 17, 2017
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    People will know have to look for another excuse now that Pork has made this! Great job Pork!
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  4. jrdxix

    jrdxix Member
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    Jul 3, 2017
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    Well damn.

    That was beautiful.

    Thank you Pork!
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  5. electricrab

    electricrab New Member

    Jan 18, 2018
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    Definitely a must read for new players, the signs at /warp rules can only tell you so much. Awesome job!
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  6. 0988ak

    0988ak New Member
    Commander God Member

    Jan 27, 2018
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    Well done and much needed.
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  7. 4AcreFarmer

    4AcreFarmer Member

    May 17, 2017
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    What kind of impossible enchantments?
    Question how do you have lava in a bucket?
  8. PresentMeProud (RevSanta)


    Apr 12, 2017
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    Idk if I’m right but my answers,
    I think that’s how you’d get lava as there is no way to get it unless you have op, and impossible enchantments like sharpness 12. :p I’ll let porky correct me.
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  9. Sman0305

    Sman0305 Active Member
    Titanium Member

    Aug 18, 2017
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    23567215345/10 Porky!
    Good job as usual!!

    Looks beautiful!

    Small text because why not xD
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  10. 4AcreFarmer

    4AcreFarmer Member

    May 17, 2017
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    So I can go download a hacked client to get these super cool items? I think this is incorrect. Because to get these items you could only get them from commands or /gamemod c.

    Honestly I don't see how you can get them ( Items ) unless your OPed or have access to the servers "Control Panel".
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  11. Dat1Porkchop

    Dat1Porkchop IIconic
    Premium Member

    Mar 28, 2014
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    I don't get your point, Are you saying they shouldn't be on the list? If that's the case then the Illegal items list shouldn't exist since you can't get any of them legit anyway..

    Nonetheless, sometimes glitches may appear that let you obtain Illegal items.

    I figured this would be self explanatory, Impossible enchants are enchants that are impossible to get. There's not really a better way to put it.
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