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CynicalEevee's ChatMod Application

Discussion in 'Apply for Staff' started by CynicalEevee, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. CynicalEevee

    CynicalEevee New Member

    Mar 12, 2019
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    How old are you:

    What is your time-zone (GMT):

    How long have you played on CityPrison:
    In game time is 92 hours.

    How many hours a day can you be on for:
    Depends how much school work I have but 3-4 at the minimum.

    What is your current rank (Block):
    M (unless it changes)

    Do you have experience with prison servers:
    I have played on many variations of prison servers in the past.

    Do you have experience with support/helper ranks:
    Unfortunately, I do not but look forward to the opportunity for this server to be my first. This issue mainly came from my age at times I did play on other servers.

    Have you read all of the server rules, understand the donation system and the way the server works:
    I have read the rules with great understanding and as a donor, know how that donating system works.

    What makes you the best support/helper applicant:
    I enjoy being on this server, and just about everyone who is on is always so pleasant to talk to! I hope to make the server better by enforcing the rules. Helping others on the server I believe has allowed me to gain some experience for this position. Some players I have been able to help in many different ways with my knowledge of the game. I have noticed lately that the server has had little to no ChatMods and would like to help as best I can with filling a position! Also, my experience with other servers can help me be a better ChatMod!

    Do you have Discord and Teamspeak (You need Discord, and must have a mic):
    I do have Discord and a microphone.

    Additional Info:
    On this server, I have gotten to know many other players and staff members. I have been playing Minecraft since the Beta version and have been on many different prisons for about the same period. In my relatively short time of being on the server, I really have learned a lot about the system. I have grown a strong liking to the server and appreciate the time it takes to examine my application!

    Q1. What are all of the mute times, and how many warns before each mute?
    Vulgar has 2 warns before a 10 minute mute. Ex: Swearing of any sort.
    Caps has 2 warns before a 10 minute mute. Ex: sTUpiD sPOnGeBoB SpEAk, CAPS LOCK IS BROKEN, Fall Out Boy Song Title Types
    Spam has 1 warning before a 10 minute mute. Ex: eeeeeeeeeee, (spamming the same thing in chat multiple times)
    Excessive harassment has a mute of 30 minutes.
    Discrimination has a mute of 30 minutes.
    Advertisement has a possible ban and mute for a day. Ex: Saying another server other than CityPrison!

    Q2. How do I earn money?
    There are many ways to earn money on the server!
    Taking up quests given by NPC’s are a perfect way to earn money quickly, just right-click a quest giving character and click on the available quest. Also, using /quest journal helps keep track of them all!
    Mining is also a very easy way of making money by selling your blocks and ores in either the blackmarket at /warp bm or in your current rank/block shop!
    Voting for the server with /vote can give you free $1k and tokens for chests (which can give you money!)
    Auctioning items (F rank and above) can also help earn money! /auc
    Lottery could potentially give money, but it is not as frequent or dependable with rewards (in my opinion). /lotto

    Q3. Where do I get food? Will I starve?
    /kit food is available and can be renewed every 5 minutes!
    You can kill animals at pretty much any rank/block for food! Or catching fish works too, just don’t eat the pufferfish! D:
    Food can also be bought at shops like A and the blackmarket by going to /warp bm!

    Q4. How do I auction my sword?
    Use /auction to get more information on auctions but the exact command is: /auc (quantity) (price) (increment) (time) (but it now price)
    For a sword, hold it in your hand and you would type this: /auc 1 (reasonable starting price) (Increment no less than 100) (time always in seconds and typically 120 seconds) (desired price for item)

    Q5. What are drugs?
    Drugs are items the server uses that enhances abilities while pvping or other things.
    They are typically illegal on the server but can be purchased in the blackmarket /warp bm.
    Some drugs include: Teen Rocky, Health, and Super Speed

    Q6. How do I vote?
    Using /vote brings up the server link in chat
    Visiting the website by going to www.cityprison.net/vote takes you to the voting links.

    Q7. How do I get a plot?
    Go to /warp plots and you can either find an open plot and do /plotme claim or just auto claim a plot by doing /plotme auto once warping to plots. Either of these methods costs $50k to purchase a plot.
    Also, plots can be bought with real money on the donations page of the server website www.donate.cityprison.net.

    Q8. How can I tell how long is left on my cell?
    When right clicking the sign that you used to purchase the cell, reclick the same sign and it will tell you how much longer your cell is available for you.

    Q9. Why am I in jail?
    Holding golden apples, having weapons (or enchanted weapons), wearing enchanted armor, committing suicide with contrabands, and holding drugs can result in jail time.

    Q10. Where can I see how much time is left on my friend’s ban?
    Going on the server website at www.cityprison.net/bans can show you when anyone on the server was banned by searching their username.
    You can also ask staff about bans and when they expire!

    Q11. Someone stole an item from my furnace, can you get it back for me?
    Unfortunately, items stolen from furnaces cannot be given back.

    Q12. How do I make a black market buy or sell sign?
    Line 1 is the username of the player selling or buying the item from/off the player
    Line 2 is the amount of the item they are selling/buying
    Line 3 is either a B (buying) or S (selling) with the $(amount)
    Line 4 is the item being sold/bought from the blackmarket shop owner

    Q13. How do I become chatmod?
    By creating an application on the CityPrison forums page at www.forums.cityprison.net
    You must be 14 or older to be able to apply and format the questions appropriately.

    Q14. I hate this. Can I buy my freedom with real money?
    There is a way to purchase the DrugDealer rank on the donations page of the website www.donate.cityprison.net, which gives access to the “free” drugdealer world.

    Q15. Who owns the server?
    Ashour with Diamond co-owning

    Q16. Why is my name green in chat?
    When someone mentions your username or part of it in chat, it turns your name and the chat green.

    Q17. What are grams?
    The term used for the in game currency.

    Q18. How much does a cell cost? How much does a black market stall cost?
    Cells cost $500 per day
    Blackmarket stalls cost $5000 per day

    Q19. How do I escape?
    Ranking up to DrugDealer technically makes you escaped
    It can also be bought with a donation on the server website at www.donate.cityprison.net.

    Q20. How do I report a player?
    Going to staff to report a player is typically the easiest way, or going to the forums is another option.

    Q21. I fell through the world, can I have my stuff back?
    Unless you have proof, we cannot do anything about the lost items.

    Q22. What are quests and how do I do them?
    Quests can be found using /quests list or by right clicking an NPC.
    There will be specific items to give back to the NPC or blocks to break/animals to kill to complete the quest. The NPC will tell you what they want you need to give them or need to do.

    Q23. Can I have OP?
    No, and if you ask again there will be consequences such as a ban for 7 days.

    Q24. Am I allowed to have enchanted items?
    Yes, all enchanted items are allowed as long as you are not caught using them when a Guard/Staff member is on duty, or else you will face jail time.

    Q25. Can you unban my friend? How can they be unbanned?
    Depending on the ban, they can appeal themselves to a staff member on the forums or Discord.
    If they are tempbanned, they must wait for their ban time to be over.

    Q26. Can a player be added to my plot or perm cell? If so, how?
    Yes, using /plotme add (player name) will add them to your plot.
    A player can only be added to a perm cell by donating on the website at www.donate.cityprison.net.

    Thank you for your time and let me know if any of my answers need adjusted!
  2. Zarpin

    Zarpin New Member

    Mar 12, 2019
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  3. Dodo

    Dodo Member

    Jul 18, 2017
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    Damn this is colorful, idk you so I ain’t gonna -1 or +1 but congrats on dedication
  4. TidalxWave

    TidalxWave New Member

    Mar 30, 2018
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    There is a bit of detail missing from your app but overall it is pretty solid. Some tips for some of the questions:

    Provide detail on ALL of the drugs and what they do.

    You should include all the jail times and what they are for donor and non-donors.

    Diamond's IGN is Diamond_Rush1

    How much of your IGN needs to be mentioned for it to be green?

    What about BM stalls 1 and 21?

    Those are mainly minor details but could be helpful to include.

    Besides those things,
    I always see you on the server and you are very friendly in chat.
    If you fix those things it may aid in your application but I think I'll still give you a
  5. CynicalEevee

    CynicalEevee New Member

    Mar 12, 2019
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    Looking back, I think I was a little too dedicated with the color... heh.. Thanks for the feedback
  6. CynicalEevee

    CynicalEevee New Member

    Mar 12, 2019
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    Thank you for the feedback Tidal, and to answer back on the questions with missing detail I'll do my best to answer:

    Drug Info -
    Teen Rocky: provides a Strength II boost upon applying
    Super Speed: provides a Speed II boost upon applying
    Health: provides more health as the name implies
    Many other drugs that exist have boosts that are like potions with fire resistance, regeneration, water breathing, and haste
    Drugs on the server take the form of dyes that have boosts like the ones stated above

    Jail times for non-donors -
    Holding golden apples or drugs is 10 minute jail time
    Wearing enchanted armor is 10 minutes jail time
    Holding non-enchanted weapons is 5 minutes jail time
    Holding enchanted weapons is 10 minutes jail time
    Suicide with tons of contrabands is 15 minutes jail time
    Giving the guard tons of contrabands is 5 minutes jail time

    Jail times for donors -
    All jail time for donors is halved
    Will not be jailed for enchanted armor
    Legendary and Titanium players are jailed for 2 and a half minutes

    On Diamond's name, thank you for providing his full username

    5-6 letters of your username in someone's chat can trigger a green IGN

    I checked BM 14 for it's price since it is available and it said it was $5000 a day, so I still stand with what I said before about the price

    Again, thank you for the information, I hope this helps.
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  7. Tradie

    Tradie New Member
    Moderator Titanium Member

    Sep 6, 2018
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    Just a side note, 4+ sequencal letters of a player’s name is all that is required for it to be highlighted green in the chat.
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  8. Skatert7720

    Skatert7720 New Member

    Feb 10, 2019
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    I have seen you on the server and your really a great energy and positive vibe to everyone. You're usually really helpful and kind to all players, especially news one, so it seems obvious that you would carry that energy through to the staff team if you are selected.

    Other than that, I really like the color and the vibe of your app.

    I wish you the best of luck!


    ~ Skater
  9. Jives203

    Jives203 New Member
    Legendary Titanium Member

    Aug 27, 2016
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    Overall your app looks nice! Lots of color and structure! I've seen you in game quite often and you have a very positive and helpful attitude. Thats what makes a good staff member!

    Hope it works out!

  10. Volf

    Volf Well-Known Member
    Titanium Member

    Mar 30, 2015
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    Looks like a good app, A for effort.
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