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December Top Voter Rewards

Discussion in 'Anouncements' started by Ashour, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Ashour

    Ashour Need help? PM me! OR email me at "[email protected]" Staff Member Owner Forum Admin

    Congratulations to all who are included in the top 10 voter list for the final month of 2016.
    From myself and the CityPrison/SwordPvP network -- We wish you a Happy New Years :)

    As always, if you're name is listed here, please skype me: Ashour253
    1st [​IMG]itayb1112 168votes - $95
    2nd [​IMG]MisterBrandts 167votes - $95
    3rd [​IMG]MC_DEVVO_ 158votes - $90
    4th [​IMG]Zesty_Pretzels 157votes - $90
    5th [​IMG]fo_dude346 153votes - $80
    6th [​IMG]Naevari 149votes - $70
    7th [​IMG]SaberTooth100 138votes - $60
    8th [​IMG]gekkegeitos 135votes - $40
    9th [​IMG]Amberous 133votes - $30
    10th [​IMG]XxErisVenomousxX 130votes - $20
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  2. JustinTTTT

    JustinTTTT Active Member Member

    Happy New Years All! Wishes for another successful year for Cityprison!
  3. MisterBrandts

    MisterBrandts New Member Member

    errrrr can you update my skin in website?
    i look like a crossed eye even tho its just my mic from the old pilot skin :O

    Good Job everyone and Good Luck next time :D
  4. AndrewScout

    AndrewScout Member Member

    GG guys! I promise I'll be up on that list next time! ;):cool::p:eek::rolleyes::)
  5. Amberous

    Amberous Member Member

    Happy New Year to all! May 2017 bring many joys to CityPrison. In addition, congratulations to all who have voted.
  6. MisterBrandts

    MisterBrandts New Member Member

    feel free to take my spot cuz i have all i need after this month :p
  7. AndrewScout

    AndrewScout Member Member

    I will try :D
  8. Alex_575

    Alex_575 New Member Member

    Congrats, happy new year
  9. PeppaPug_

    PeppaPug_ New Member Member

    gg all.
  10. Michael053129

    Michael053129 New Member Member

  11. Secret_Worker

    Secret_Worker New Member Member

  12. ForumDev

    ForumDev New Member Member

    Congrats to all the December winners!
  13. _DarkAngel

    _DarkAngel New Member Member

    @Secret_Worker and @ForumDev who are you guys??? I have never seen you on, and some people have been questioning that too.
    I ain't being mean or anything
    Just wondering
  14. AndrewScout

    AndrewScout Member Member

    Secret worker is permed.
  15. Secret_Worker

    Secret_Worker New Member Member

    im probably 10x more known than u on this server, just dont play anymore
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  16. Secret_Worker

    Secret_Worker New Member Member

    wait who r u?
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  17. _DarkAngel

    _DarkAngel New Member Member

    Oh just never seen you before xD
    My greatest apology, just that i never seen you on before.
    Was just wondering
  18. AndrewScout

    AndrewScout Member Member

  19. Rave After Rave

    Rave After Rave Member Member

    Secret is known to most older players, Kind of an ass among them but anyways, Secret is perm-banned on prison for duping and quit Kitpvp other than to join and insult anyone who plays.
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  20. owen1445

    owen1445 Active Member Member

    10x the person you are

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