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funnytevinn's Application for Guard

Discussion in 'Junk' started by funnytevinn, Oct 17, 2019.

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  1. funnytevinn

    funnytevinn New Member

    Oct 16, 2019
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    Feb 13, 2019
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    How old are you:

    14 years old

    What is your timezone (GMT):


    How long have you played on CityPrison:

    1 year

    How many hours a day can you guard for:

    I can play 10 mins in morning and sometimes in afternoon(Im in school most of the day)
    What is your current rank (Block):

    My current rank is H

    Do you have experience with prison servers:

    I am very proud to say this is my first prisons server that I played on, I discovered this server when I saw youtubers play this server. There are other prisons that I play on(MC Central)

    Do you have experience with guard ranks:

    I have never been a guard before, on this server or any other server, so I am taking this opportunity to apply for an important role in my one and only prisons server! :D I am excited to learn about what a Jr. Guard on CityPrison beholds.

    Have you read all of the server rules and know your way around the prison:

    Yes, I read the rules at /warp rules and I will never forget my way around the prison, where the warps are, what commands i need to use and when to use them, ect.

    What makes you the best guard applicant:

    I give advice and like to help people. Me being a Guard, I think would be nice

    What's your discord tag?

    My discord tag is funnytevinn#1449 and I have been on the CityPrison discord not that often, looking at memes, general chat posts. I do not have a well working mic and headset.
    Additional Info:

    I like to have humor. On the server I like to give advice and mix in some jokes. xD. I will not be on much this week, because I am studying for my final exams soon.
    Q1. What are the jail times for these items; enchanted weapons, unenchanted weapons, drugs/golden apples?

    For enchanted weapons it is a ten minute jail time, 5 minutes for donor, god and platinum, and it's 2 and a half minutes for legendary.
    For unenchanted weapons, there's a 5 minute jail time, and its 2 and a half minute jail time for all donor ranks.
    Holding drugs or golden apples results in a 10 minute jail time, it is 5 minutes for donor, god, and platinum, and it is only 2 and a half minutes with legendary or titanium.

    Q2. What do you do if someone suicides on you with a lot of contraband items or throws a lot of contraband items on you?

    The penalty for contraband suicide is 15 minutes, it is reduced to 7 and a half minutes for donor, god and platinum, and is 2 and a half minutes for legendary and platinum.

    Q3. What are the jail times for donors?

    For donor, god, and platinum, the jail time is cut in half, and 1/4 for legendary or titanium.

    Q4. If the player, when asked for the contraband, puts it in his/her inventory/pv, what do you do?

    Ask the player for the item and give a 5 second countdown, when you reach zero, jail them for the proper time according to the item and their rank (donor)

    Q5. If someone logs out during a countdown what do you do? What about jail evasion?

    You give them a tempban that lasts 10 minutes
    Jail evasion is 1 warn the first time, and the second time is a tempban that lasts twice as long as the jail time would have been.

    Q6. Can Admins and Commanders be jailed? What about JrWarden+?

    Admins and Commanders can be jailed when off-duty, Jr warden+ cannot be jailed.

    Q7. Can you take swords from players in mob farms? What about donor grinders?

    Gaurds can take swords from people in mob farms, but cannot take sword from players in donor grinders.

    Q8. If you are going to jail a donor for having an enchanted sword how long would it be? What about legendary/titanium?

    5 minutes for donor, god, platinum
    2 d a half minutes for legendary/titanium

    Q9. Are you allowed to pvp as a guard either on or off-duty?

    No, unless you are attacked, but otherwise, you cannot pvp on or off duty

    Q10. Do you jail someone if they have the effects of a drug?

    No, you cannot jail someone based on the effects of a drug alone.

    Q11. If a player drops a contraband item and another player picks it up, what do you do?

    You ask the player that currently has the contraband for the item.

    Q12. Are you allowed to keep items taken from players and keep them for yourself and friends?

    No, you must dispose of the item by using lava or disposal signs located around the map.

    Q13. Are you allowed to take away contraband from a player if they just logged into the server?

    No, tell them to put away, if they do not, you may take the item.

    Q14. What should you do if you come across a sugarcane/cactus farm?

    Raid the farm and dispose of the items that you got from the farm, unless you aren't using the guard gear, then you can take the item for your self.

    Q15. What is line pvp, and what do you do if you see someone do this?

    Line pvp is when a player hits another, and runs back over the pvp line. This results in 2 kicks before the player then gets temp banned and the temp ban time doubles every time the player line pvp's again until the day ends.

    Thank you so much for reading my application, I really do appreciate it!
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  2. ItzRubix_

    ItzRubix_ Well-Known Member
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    Aug 17, 2017
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    This got copied from Trex’s app. If you’re gonna copy an app try not to have a link to Trex’s messages at the very top of the application my g
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  3. Tradie

    Tradie Active Member
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    Sep 6, 2018
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    As Rubix has kindly mentioned, you are not allowed to copy applications from other players.

    Reapply in 1 month If you wish.
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