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GabrielBishop's ChatMod Application

Discussion in 'Junk' started by NOTGabrielxX, Mar 8, 2019.

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  1. NOTGabrielxX

    NOTGabrielxX New Member

    Mar 6, 2019
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    How old are you:


    What is your time-zone (GMT):


    How long have you played on City Prison:

    I have technically played for 2-3 years, but I went inactive for a long time and decided to come back to this amazing prison server!

    How many hours a day can you be on for:

    4 Hours Max just depends on the day. For example most weekends will be 5-6 hours of spare time.

    What is your current rank (Block):

    G and I know this sounds low but I continue to go up and hopefully i'll make it to H soon enough.

    Do you have experience with prison servers:

    Yes, they are the main servers I play on. I don't like most Kitpvp or factions as much as prisons.

    Do you have experience with support/helper ranks:

    No, but you got to start somewhere right? I was hoping that this would be the first server I would be staff on.

    Have you read all of the server rules, understand the donation
    system, and the way the server works:

    Yes, I have read all the server rules, understand the donation system and the donor ranks, and I know how the server works.

    What makes you the best support/helper applicant:

    What makes me the best support/helper applicant is that I always want to help new players when they join, resolve conflicts,and also I am normally a neutral guy. Also I have received no warnings all of my years on this server. Another reason why is because I am helpful in the chat and sometimes tell people to "chill with their caps" or "chill with the spam" simple warnings like that.

    Do you have Discord and Teamspeak.

    Yes I have both, but I use Discord more and I do have a mic. :)

    . What are all of the mute times, and how many warns before each mute?

    Excessive Spam: 15 minute instant temp-mute.

    Spam: 1 warning and then if you do it again it will be a 10 minute temp-mute!

    Vulgar: 2 warnings and then if you do it again it will be a 10 minute temp-mute!

    Caps: 2 warnings and then if you do it again it will be a 10 minute temp-mute!

    Ads Such as advertising food, music, server, etc: 1 day mute and you might get banned!

    Discrimination: 30 minute instant mute! (And please don't do this)

    Harassment: 30 minute instant mute.

    Q2. How do I make money?

    There are many ways to make money for example:

    1. Mining ores and selling them for a profit.

    2. Selling items at /ah sell

    3. Auctioning off items using /Auc, (You have to be Rank F or Block F)

    4. Doing quests and earning money (My Favorite way, Highly recommend)

    5. Voting! Vote for this server! You earn $1000 per vote and can vote 5 times per day!

    Q3. Where do I get food? Will I starve?

    The simplest way of getting food is /kit food.

    You can also kill animals at many mob spawners in certain blocks to obtain food, even A has one!

    You can also buy food from various places such as the blackmarket!

    No, you can not starve you will just run out of sprint :)

    Q4. How do I auction my sword?

    Hold your sword in your hand and type /auc [quantity] [price] [bid increment] [time] [buynow price].

    You also must be Block F or above to auction.

    Q5. What are drugs?

    Drugs are kinda like potions they give you effects and they are "illegal" on the server.

    You can get drugs from being a DrugDealer and doing /warp drug.

    Or you can just buy them at the BlackMarket doing /bm.

    Drugs range in effects including: Night Vision, Speed, Water Breathing, Regeneration, Haste, Invisibility, Heals you to full health, Jump Boost, Fire resistance, and finally Strength.

    Q6. How do I vote?

    Click the link in the chat that says VOTE HERE or go to http://vote.cityprison.net.

    Or do /vote

    Q7. How do I get a plot?

    To get a plot you first need $50,000 in game cash. Then you can go to /warp plots.

    You can then either type /plot auto or /plot claim on an unclaimed plot.

    Or you can buy a plot with REAL money with $5 depending on the size.

    10x10 plots are $5 Real money

    50x50 plots are $20 Real money

    Q8. How can I tell how long is left on my cell?

    Right Click your sign or whatever you button is for right click, and hover the chest to see how much time is left on your cell.

    Q9. Why am I in jail?

    Many reasons why you could be in jail.

    1. Holding a golden apple.

    2. Holding non-enchanted or enchanted weapons.

    3. Wearing enchanted armor (Unless your a donor)

    4. Throwing lots of contrabands at a guard.

    5. Holding Drugs

    6. Doing / Suicide with a lot of contrabands

    Q10. Where can I see how much time is left on my friend’s ban?

    You can ask staff, or go to cityprison.net/bans/prison/bans and look up your friends username.

    Q11. Someone stole an item from my furnace, can you get it back for me?

    No, sadly make sure your more careful with your items and don't leave your items in a furnace unattended!

    Q12. How do I make a black market buy or sell sign?

    On a Black Market sign put S or B. S means sell to you, B means buy from you.

    Q13. How do I become a chatmod?

    Go to the Forums https://forums.cityprison.net and make a application!

    You must be 14 years or older to apply and become ChatMod.

    Make sure you put it in the right format!

    Q14. I hate this. Can I buy my freedom with real money?

    Not exactly, but you can buy DrugDealer which gives you access to the open world which is basically "free"

    Q15. Who owns the server?

    Ashour is the owner of the server and I'm pretty sure Diamond_Rush1 is the co-owner.

    Q16. Why is my name green in chat?

    Someone typed your username in chat. Usually means its directed towards you.

    Q17. What are grams?

    Grams are just a fancy name to call in game balance/money.

    Q18. How much does a cell cost? How much does a black market stall cost?

    For one day a cell will cost $500 Grams.

    You can also buy a Black market stall for a week by donating $5.00

    Q19. How do I escape?

    Once you buy DrugDealer you are basically escaped but if you dont buy DrugDealer there is no other way to escape.

    Q20. How do I report a player?

    You could ether go to the forums and report them or go to a staff member and report them.

    Q21. I fell through the world, can I have my stuff back?

    Unless there is enough evidence to show all your items when you died, and evidence of a bug/glitch that killed you then maybe you can get your stuff back. Other than that No, because people can lie about the stuff they had and they will get free items.

    Q22. What are quests and how do I do them?

    Quests are a easy way in getting money and quest points. They usually consist of a job a player must do and if that player does that certain job they will be awarded. Just click on a person standing still by a mine or a point of interest like Flint in the A mine, and do the job they ask and you will be awarded.

    Q23. Can I have OP?

    No, and please don't ask this again it will result in punishment.

    Q24. Am I allowed to have enchanted items?

    Yes, but don't let a Guard see you, you can be thrown in jail for holding some enchanted items such as armor (If your not a donor)

    Q25. Can you unban my friend? How can they be unbanned?

    I probably can't get your friend unbanned, but you can ask him to appeal his ban on the forums. Or just wait the time limit if its a temp-ban.

    Q26. Can a player be added to my plot or perm cell? If so, how?

    Yes, doing /plot add [player] on your plot can get them added on your plot.

    Yes, you can donate to add a player to your perm cell for $5.00 Real money.

    Thank you very much for taking your time to read my application, have a good day!

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  2. Zilv28

    Zilv28 Picky Kid
    SrGuard Wiki Team Premium Member

    May 21, 2016
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    Advertising doesn't include "food" or "music", that's one of the best things I've ever read though.
    Also, Ads is always a permanent ban.


    So, I do not know you since I have never met you before in game but I can tell you put a lot of effort in your application. I am going to stay neutral until we meet in game to see your behavior and how you react to different situations.
    I am quite sure I am gonna put a
    +1 next, don't let me down.
    Good luck.

    ~ Zilv
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  3. Dodo

    Dodo Member

    Jul 18, 2017
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    Damn zilv did your mom make you tiramisu and pasta your being very nice! Lmao
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  4. NOTGabrielxX

    NOTGabrielxX New Member

    Mar 6, 2019
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    Thank You for informing me!
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  5. CheekyThief

    CheekyThief New Member
    Guard Legendary Titanium Member

    Dec 28, 2018
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    If zilv hasn't found anything to criticize then you app must be pretty good. Congratulations :D
    You seem to be well behaved and mature enough for the role, but as ZIlv says perhaps a little more experience on the server might be needed. However obviously you know what you are talking about in response to rules, and experience will be gained while serving as staff. All the best mate and good luck

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  6. Waffles

    Waffles Mufasa
    Staff Member Commander JrWarden Titanium Member

    Feb 23, 2014
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    All in all, this application is nicely detailed and I can tell you put loads of effort into it. You keep a good attitude and are active on the server as well. The only thing I can point out is on Q18, you can also rent a bm stall for $5,000 in-game money per day. Anyways, best of luck!

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  7. NOTGabrielxX

    NOTGabrielxX New Member

    Mar 6, 2019
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    Thank you guys for all the support I don't know what i'll do without you guys <3 GabrielBishop
  8. TidalxWave

    TidalxWave New Member
    Support Titanium Member

    Mar 30, 2018
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    Pretty solid application! I can tell you spent a lot of time and effort on this. Also, I see you on fairly frequently so activeness is no issue. You are quite friendly and helpful in chat so that is always a pro. Best of luck and a +1 from me! :D
  9. 18k

    18k New Member

    Jan 23, 2019
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    You seem like a very intelligent, mature human being in game. This server is also in desperate need of chatmods frfr, you seem like the right person to do the job +1
  10. Waffles

    Waffles Mufasa
    Staff Member Commander JrWarden Titanium Member

    Feb 23, 2014
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