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Game [GUIDE] Know Your City Prison!

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by ParadoxBrother, Jul 29, 2018.

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  1. ParadoxBrother

    ParadoxBrother New Member

    Apr 10, 2018
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    Understanding City Prison isn't hard, but I like typing out long stuff so I'm gonna make a guide for anyone to use. I might make a later post for quests as well, so keep an eye out for that. This is a general guide though for what things are in each block, where you can mine certain things, certain warp features, and other stuff I thought would be nice to throw in there for good measure. If anyone would like to help out with this guide or fix some things that I might've gotten wrong, feel free to do so! I could use all the help I can get, especially with the quests and donor areas.

    A Block
    The starting point for everyone, and a common place for anyone to fight, mine, or generally hang around.

    • PvP arena
    • PvP mine
    • Parkour
    • Fishing pond
    • Staff room
    • Birch tree farm
    • Pig spawners
    • Jail
    • Token shop
    • Warp wall
    Filler: Stone
    Ores: Coal & iron
    Filler: Stone
    Ores/blocks: Coal,
    coal blocks, iron, iron blocks, gold blocks, lapis blocks, & sponge
    B Block
    A small block with a desert theme, usually only B block prisoners are here if there are any.

    Rank up: $1000

    • Chicken spawners
    • Birch mine
    Filler: Sandstone
    Coal, iron, & lapis
    C Block
    A dark little block frequented by people hoping to make a slime trampoline. It's not uncommon to see people with donor plots wandering around waiting for slimes to spawn.
    Rank up: $2000

    • Slime spawner
    • Acacia mine
    Filler: Orange terracotta
    Ores: Coal, iron, lapis, & gold
    D Block
    The second most common place for PvP, the old E block, and once upon a time it used to be where the prison cells were. Be careful trying to get to the mine in this one! This is also the first place where you are able to enchant, put those levels to work.
    Rank up: $5000

    • PvP zone
    • Pig spawners
    • Tier 1 enchantment table
    Filler: Red terracotta
    Ores: Coal, iron, lapis, & gold

    E Block
    Recently remodeled, E block was once a common area for PvP in what is now D block. This is a player's first big step into commitment towards CP, as it's a big monetary leap to get from C to E for some players.
    Rank Up: $15000

    • Rabbit spawners
    • Tier 1 enchanting table
    • Spruce mine
    Filler: Purple terracotta
    Ores: Coal, iron, lapis, gold, &

    F Block
    Somewhat of a good midway point for the blocks, and this is where the real grind for cash comes in to play. This block is mostly known for fishing, but also it's parkour.
    Rank up: $30000

    • Fishing pond
    • Sheep farm
    • 1, 2, & 3 tier enchanting tables
    • Parkour
    Filler: Light grey terracotta
    Ores: Coal, iron, lapis, & quartz

    G Block
    This unsuspecting block is home to not only a new and improved PvP arena but another dangerous location within an area you always thought was safe. Be careful with your enchanted rods, there's one place in this block you won't want to fish.
    Rank up: $70000

    • Kraken pond
    • Cow spawners
    • PvP zone
    • Tier 3 enchanting table
    Filler: Chiseled stone brick
    Ores: Coal, iron, lapis, gold, quartz, & sponge
    At long last in G block, you have the chance to get plan ink sacs from squids! In the old G block, the spawners didn't work as they weren't in a proper location. Now that it's been remodeled, there's a new way to spawn squids. How is that you ask? By summoning... THE KRAKEN. The Kraken is a dangerous beast who can be summoned by holding down right-click on the water with a rod in hand. If you are patient and persist with the water, the Kraken will be released, you will be dragged into the water, and the rod you had in hand will be consumed. To be ready for it, you must have a sword and armor or else it will kill you with no remorse. It is an unpredictable and unruly beast that has explosive blows and will dart around the water to confuse you. If you slay the creature, you will collect its ink sacs and some exp. As of now, this is the only way to get ink, so be careful if you choose to seek it...

    H Block
    The dirtiest block around! It's the only non-donor mine where you'll need a shovel to work the mines. It's simple in layout and in function, well, except for the mob spawner...
    Rank up: $140000

    • Pumpkin & melon farm
    • Tier 3 enchanting table
    • Creeper spawners
    Filler: Dirt
    Ores: Coal, iron, lapis, gold, quartz, & sponge

    Want gunpowder? Are you a drug lord? Do you have maybe too much sand? Well, why not make some CityPrison brand TnT to use in the drug world! The creeper spawner is a relatively new addition to the CP mob spawners, and it's completely risk-free. When they explode, they'll only hurt each other. That means you can stand in the middle of a big crowd of them, and you'll survive when they all go off. How convenient!

    I Block
    For people who like something warm and fuzzy, or a land of inconveniences. It's certainly one of the more outlandish blocks, and certainly not for everyone. Time to gear up, and shear up!
    Rank Up: $500000

    • Tier 3 enchanting table
    • Cow farm
    Filler: Yellow wool
    Ores: Coal, iron, lapis, gold, quartz, & sponge

    J Block
    You're in the final stretch, just a few more blocks to go. Step into J, and the snowmen have escaped! They wreak their frosty havoc all across the block, leaving snow trails and... well, not much else.
    Rank up: $750000

    • Tier 3 enchanting table
    • Snowmen spawners
    Filler: Blue terracotta
    Ores: Coal, iron, lapis, gold, quartz, sponge, & end stone
    K Block
    One of the more heavenly blocks equipped with a glass dome roof, pure white walls, and blocks of quartz. Even with the lack of snowmen here, it's a bit colder than the block before it, in more ways than you think...
    Rank up: $1000000

    • Polar bear spawners
    • Tier 3 enchanting tables
    • Zombie & skeleton spawners
    Filler: Quartz block
    Ores: Coal, iron, lapis, gold, quartz, sponge, & end stone

    In the back of K, there is a cold metal door. Behind it, hostile mobs spawn and thirst for blood. While the only real spawners in there are for zombies and skeletons, this doesn't stop others from spawning within the walls as well. This is the only way to get ender pearls, as there is a rare chance for endermen to spawn within the walls. All mobs can damage and kill you here, including creepers. Be careful in this room, and make sure to bring a good sword.

    L Block
    From the pearly frozen gates to heaven, you are plunged right into hell. Well, a nice hell without the fire and brimstone. It's a bit softer, but still full of things you'd expect from the Nether and then some.
    Rank up: $1250000

    • Mooshroom spawner
    • Tier 3 enchanting table
    • Broken casino
    Filler: Netherrack
    Ores: Coal, iron, lapis, gold, quartz, sponge, & end stone

    M Block
    This is it, the last block before you're free out in the drug world. There isn't much, but that can be a good thing. Your last sprint to the finish, end off on a high note!
    Rank up: $1500000

    • Iron golem spawners
    • Tier 3 enchanting table
    Filler: Brow terracotta
    Ores: Coal, iron, lapis, gold, quartz, sponge, & end stone

    So, you've ranked up to a drug dealer. Well, the ride isn't over, you've got a whole world to explore now! But in this world, it's kill or be killed. You have access to cactus and sugar cane, but your farms are anything but safe. There's no block protection, be mindful of what you leave behind.
    Rank up: $2000000

    • Portals to the drug world
    • Drug traders
    • Ice, cactus, and sugar cane store signs
    96 cactus = Jr Firefighter
    128 cactus = Veteran Firefighter

    80 cactus = Small Hops
    96 cactus Medium Hops
    128 cactus = Large Hops

    64 cactus = Small Ninja
    96 cactus = Medium Ninja
    128 cactus = Quick Ninja

    128 cactus = Health

    64 cactus = Short Steroids
    96 cactus = Medium Steroids
    128 cactus = Long Steriods

    48 cactus = New Diver
    64 cactus = Trained Diver
    80 cactus = Veteran Diver

    96 cactus = Healer

    64 cactus = Baby rocky
    96 cactus = Child Rocky
    128 cactus = Teen rocky

    80 cactus = Quickie Speed
    96 cactus = Medium Speed
    128 = Super Speed

    64 cactus = Baby Bat
    80 cactus = Kid Bat
    96 cactus = Teen Bat

    You've donated to the server and now you have access to exclusive warps, amazing! Donors get some of the highest selling prices for ores, and they have special tags that make them stand out from the other players. By donating, you support the server and help keep it going so people can keep playing. You also get the eternal gratitude from Diamond and Ashour, which doesn't have a price on it!

    • Anvils
    • Tier 3 enchanting tables
    • Risk-free mob grinders
    • Animal spawners
    • Melon & pumpkin farms
    • Repair signs (.:Platinum:. & .:Titanium:. only)
    • Broken casino
    Filler: Snow
    Ores: Coal, iron, lapis, gold, quartz, sponge, end stone, & donor exclusive emerald
    Donors have exclusive rights to anvils, but only if you have access to a donor block or a mob grinder. Other players will ask where and how to access an anvil, and it is somewhat unfortunate news for them to tell them they have to pay to get to them. But if they're willing to donate for access to them, then it's good for everyone! However, when you're using an anvil, there's something to keep in mind. The more you use an item, the more you have to repair it, the more exp. it will cost. Certain tools will get really expensive to repair, but it certainly helps if you have a rare and elusive mending book to add to your tool...

    Warp enchants is the location for some of your enchantment needs. It doesn't have all possible enchants, but it does have exclusive custom enchants that you are only able to get here. Each enchantment will cost you a certain number of enchantment tokens, which you can get by exchanging the tokens you get through voting.

    • Knockback: No set price, applied to sword, knocks back players or mobs when hit
    • Sharpness: No set price, applied to sword or axe, increase damage dealt
    • Infinity: 15 e-tokens, applied to bow, shoot unlimited arrows with one in your inventory
    • Night Fighter: 10 e-tokens, applied to sword, allow night-vision while the item is held
    • Lure: 5 e-tokens, applied to fishing rod, greater chance to catch fish
    • Efficiency: 4 e-tokens, applied to axe or pickaxe, destroy blocks faster
    • Unbreaking: 4 e-tokens, applied to any item, increases durability
    • InstaFry: 10 e-tokens, applied to fishing rod, instantly cook fish when caught
    • Snowblower: 20 e-tokens, applied to shovel, larger radius for destroying snow
    • MinerEfficiency: 10 e-tokens, applied to pickaxe or shovel, gain a speed boost while the item is held
    • Blast: 10 e-tokens, applied to pickaxe, larger mining radius
    • Thorns: 8 e-tokens, applied to any armor, damage others when hit
    • Protection: 4 e-tokens, applied to any armor, reduce damage taken
    • Fire Protection: 4 e-tokens, applied to any armor, resist fire damage
    • Aqua: 6 e-tokens, applied to a helmet, stay underwater longer
    • GracefulFall: 10 e-tokens, applied to boots, reduce falling speed
    • Chief: 10 e-tokens, applied to a chestplate, increases hunger
    • SecureLoot: 10 e-tokens, applied to any armor, reduce items lost from your inventory when you die
    The Black Market
    Do you have things you wish to buy or sell? Have a stop by the black market warp! For most of the game this is where you will need to sell most of your ores to maximize profits and rank up quickly, but when you get to around J then the prices even out. Here you can not only sell your ores, but you can buy rare items, drugs, weapons, armor, tools, and anything else that the stall owners are selling. If you're lucky, you can even rent out a stall yourself for $5000 a day, or $15000 a day for the stalls closer to the front.

    • Speed beacon
    • The Central Shop
    • 21 player-owned shops
    • I3lizzard's Cold Storage
    • Donor black market shops
    Coal: $20
    Coal ore: $35
    Iron: $65
    Iron ore: $55
    Gold: $70
    Gold ore: $65
    Quartz: $120
    Diamond: $200
    Diamond ore: $150

    To buy items from players
    S [price]

    To sell items to players
    B [price]

    Both on the same sign
    B [price] : S [price]


    • Diamond armor & tools
    • Meats & fish
    • Stained glass
    • Drugs
    • Diamonds
    • Enchanted books
    • Bows & arrows
    • Golden apples & Super golden apples
    • Mycelium
    Warp Parkour
    Are you a masochist who loves parkour? Well, this warp is for you! Out of the few parkour courses on the server, this one is the hardest and the worst to complete. It is designed by a sadist whose only intention is to make you frustrated with how hard it is, and getting to the end is no easy feat. Once you fall, you really fall, right into the void. Don't bring anything but a cobblestone block, and be prepared to stare death in the face more than just a few times.

    There are two kinds of plots, 10x10x20 plots, and 50x50x512 plots. Each one is filled up half-way by dirt, topped with fresh grass, and ripe for building. Plots like these allow you to really express your creative freedom, and you don't have to worry about them expiring or disappearing. There are three ways to get a plot:

    • Pay $50000 for a 10x10
    • Pay $2.50 USD for a 10x10
    • Pay $10 USD for a 50x50
    Claiming your first plot is easy. Just go to /warp plots and do /plot auto, which will give you the first available vacant plot. Or, if you're picky like I am, you can run around until you find a vacant plot and enter /plot claim to mark it as yours. Once you have your plot, you can build almost anything you want so long as it's appropriate.

    Since this is a prison, there are of course cells you can live in. However, they're not exactly the biggest thing to store your stuff. That is unless you donate for a larger cell. Like plots, there are two types of cells you can get, and one you have to donate for.
    Here are the two ways to get a cell:

    • Pay $500 a day to rent a small cell
    • Pay $2.50 USD for a large cell
    The former of these two is a bit more risque to have, as once your rent expires, your stuff has a high chance of being gone the next time you're online. In the long run, it's much better to save up for a plot to keep your things on rather than risk losing valuables to a temporary cell.

    Starting at F block, you have the chance to auction off an item for players to bid on. Or, if you're in B block you have access to the auction house. Both allow you to sell your items, but only one allows you to bid. To start an auction in the chat, simply input this command with the item in hand:
    /auc <quantity> <start price, cannot be less than $1> <bid increment, cannot be less than $100> <optional auction time>
    To sell something in the auction house, just hold the item in your hand again and input this command:
    /ah sell <price>
    To check the auction house, simply find the auctioneer NPC in A Block or enter /ah. Click on the item you want to buy, and confirm it when the dialogue box pops up. To bid on an item being auctioned off in the chat, enter /bid <price>. So long as you match the bid increment and your price is higher, you have the chance to win the item.

    Staff Ranks
    There sure are a lot of different ranks for prisoners to go through, but there's a whole other tier system for staff as well!

    • Chatmod: Allowed to give warns & temp mutes, keeps the chat clean; they can kick players for line PvP only if no guards are on
    • Support: Warns, temp mutes, temp-bans, and kicks players
    • Moderator: Access to /fly, /god, /back /tpa, /afk, perm-mutes, and have all of the above tasks as well
    • Admin: Some of the most trusted people on the server, they have access to all of the commands above as well as free-building access anywhere on the server. Not only this, but they can access players' inventories and plots
    • Builder: This is a differently tagged Admin rank, but an Admin nonetheless. Rather than their main focus is on keeping the server running and everyone in line, they do this along with what their name implies. The current builder for the server is Mr_Lonely who is as talented as he is sneaky.
    • JrGuard: They are like a Chatmod, but with the ability to send players to jail
    • Guard: Similar to Support but is able to jail as well
    • SrGuard: The guard versions of Moderators, can also jail players
    • Commander: Admin capabilities as a guard and you guessed it, can jail players
    • JrWarden: A small step above Admins, wardens are elusive and powerful, yet trustworthy as they are chosen by Diamond and Ashour
    • Warden: This is the second highest, only high-up staff members know what they are capable of
    • SrWarden: The three kings of the server sit atop their throne, they are the head-honchos and call the shots. They are able to give donor items to players and determine whether they are worthy or not. The first is Eris, the kind soul of the trio. He is wise and soft-spoken, but certainly quite generous. The next is Diamond, a tricky fellow but clever nonetheless. He is the co-owner of the server and the general ringleader, some could call him unpredictable and witty. Last but certainly not least, there is the Lord Ashour who holds a quiet reign over the server. Not much is seen or heard from him as he is a busy man. He is the absolute owner and the developer of the inner workings of City Prison as he determines the plugins to be implemented on the server. All three work in some sort of ambiguous harmony, and determine the fate of the server as a whole as digital gods among men. Is that an exaggeration? Yes, yes it is.
    Token Shop!
    You've just donated and received money and tokens. What do you do with them? Take them to the token shop! This shop is located at /spawn just above the sell signs for drops from the A mine. Here's what you can buy from the shop:

    • Diamond - 1 token
    • $500 - 1 token
    • Convert to enchant tokens - 1:1 ratio
    • $1000 - 2 tokens
    • Super Golden Apple (God Apple) - 7 tokens
    • 15 exp levels - 25 tokens
    • 30 exp levels - 45 tokens
    • Mystery crate - 10 tokens
    • Treasury Crate - 5 tokens
    • Ore crate - 5 tokens
    • PvP crate - 12 tokens
    • Master crate - 22 tokens
    • Portal trail - 40 tokens
    • Smoke trail - 40 tokens
    • Slimeball trail - 50 tokens
    • Splash trail - 75 tokens

    Did I miss anything? Correct me on anything I got wrong, feel free to add more info as well!
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    This is amazing! It seems like you put a lot of time and effort into this. This is very useful and helpful. Thank you for taking the time to make this! :)
  3. MuggleB0rn

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    Pssst, how much do the other levels of enchantments costs with E-tokens. I know there isn't only Lure I!
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    Damn, the effort.

    Thanks Paradox!
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    Great post! Very insightful and useful information for new players.
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    U forgot obsidian in pvp mine
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    Can someone please move this to the Tutorial section.
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    "Thank you Kanye, very cool!"
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    Your patience is unbelievable oml
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