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Game I3lizzard’s Guide to CP 5.0 for New Players

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by I3lizzard_I3east, Jun 18, 2017.

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  1. I3lizzard_I3east

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    Feb 23, 2014
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    Welcome, new inmate, to CityPrison 5.0, the worlds best non-OP Minecraft prison server. You must have done something pretty bad out there to get dragged to this prison. Here you can expect to do hard labor in the mines, but ol’ I3lizzard’s got some tips for you to fool the guards and make out like a king in here!

    When you get here, right off check your inventory for basic tools. They don’t win any awards, but they will get you started. Also do /kit food as often as you can. That one resets every few minutes, so you can keep yourself fed while here. Also check /pv 1 where you can hide your loot in case you get killed by another inmate trying to steal your stuff. You lose your regular inventory and the armor you are wearing, but not the stuff tucked safely inside your player vault (/pv 1).

    It may look pretty, but don’t run straight ahead when you spawn and into the botanical gardens of death, or PvP as most players call it. When you cross that red line, it’s on! (The red line used to be blue, until all those line pvp’ers died stepping in and out of PvP to take pop shots at braver players. You want to use the stone mine and tree farm to the left and right just at the bottom of the steps. Sell your cobblestone at the local shop, but DON’T SELL YOUR IRON AND COAL there. Take it to /warp bm (shamelss plug for 1st shop on the left – I3lizzard’s Cold Storage) to make a LOT more money. The mine at /warp A (the one at the bottom of the stairs at /spawn) resets often, so you can mostly top mine if you happen to be lucky enough to have it to yourself.

    If you want to rankup from A to B in an instant, just go VOTE. Do /vote in game or just go to https://vote.cityprison.net for the links to get your vote on and take away a cool $1000 per site. (That’s a quick stash grab of $5k in free igm.) That’s more than enough to rankup from A to B and continue your game. B and C blocks offer better mines and some free food mob farms, but it’s D you really want to reach. That’s where you find the first enchantment tables to make your gear better. Just watch out for E block. That’s one of the few blocks where you can get wrecked trying to get from the spawn point to anywhere else in the block. That big open room is just one big death trap if a PvP player is waiting for you!

    The fastest way to rankup in the lower ranks is to do quests. Some of them seem to cheat you by paying less than the items cost to get (like giving a stack of diamonds for only $10k back when they cost around $500 each in the bm shops). Some give you rewards like $20k for a basic set of diamond armor. Quests reset once in a while, so don’t just do them and forget them. Check back from time to time to see if you can do them again.

    When you decide you like it here and want to get cozy, check out the donor shop (http://donate.cityprison.net) for some really nice perks. Donor blocks with amazing shop prices, 50x50 donor plots, epic kits, and more sit waiting for the taking with your support of the server.

    Remember, keep those weapons and enchants hidden from guards, shop at I3lizzard's Cold Storage often, and wreck 'em all in PvP! Game On!
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  2. _oscar_

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    My dude not gonna lie this is a pretty lit guide.
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