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Jr Guard Application (Updated)

Discussion in 'Junk' started by CheekyThief, Dec 29, 2018.

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  1. CheekyThief

    CheekyThief New Member
    Guard Legendary Titanium Member

    Dec 28, 2018
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    How old are you
    What is your timezone
    GMT (Literally live on it)
    How long have you played City Prison
    Couldn't say. Reckon it was somewhere in 2016.
    How many hours a day can you guard for?
    What is your current rank?
    DrugDealer (M)
    Do you have experience with prison servers?
    No. This is the only one I play.
    Do you have experience with guard ranks?
    Have you read all of the server rules and know your way around the prison?
    Yes, apart from Prestige.
    What makes you the best guard applicant?
    I am capable of shouldering responsibility well and hold such positions well IRL. I am helpful and generous with my time and possessions, friendly to new players, hold a good control of the English language, and have a considerable amount of friends within the community which will not allow me to wander into a more lax position in staffhood.
    Do you have Discord and Teamspeak?
    Just Discord.
    Additional info
    Lack of pvp skills means I couldn't kill anyone anyway.

    Q1. What are the jail times for these items; enchanted weapons, unenchanted weapons, drugs/golden apples?
    The jail time for having either enchanted weapons or drugs and God Apples is 10 minutes. It is 5 minutes for non-enchanted weapons.

    Q2. What do you do if someone suicides on you with a lot of contraband items or throws a lot of contraband items on you?

    Suicide with contraband is 15 minutes jail time, throwing contraband is 5 minutes.

    Q3. What are the jail times for donors?
    Donor ranks get 1/2 time; ie 10 minutes would become 5, and titanium and legendary get 1/4, so 10 minutes would become 2.5 (2 mins 30 seconds).

    Q4. If the player, when asked for the contraband, puts it in his inventory/pv, what do you do?
    The countdown procedure continues.

    Q5. If someone logs out during a countdown what do you do? What about jail evasion?
    Logging out is a 10 minute temp ban, jail evasion is 1 warn then ban for double the time.

    Q6. Can Admins and Commanders be jailed? What about JrWarden+?
    Jr warden+ cant be jailed. T4 can, as i understand.

    Q7. Can you take swords from players in mob farms? What about donor grinders?

    No, enchanted/non-enchanted weapons are allowed.

    Q8. If you are going to jail a donor for having an enchanted sword how long would it be? What about legendary/titanium?
    Donor (Donor to Platinum) is 5 minutes. Legendary and Titanium only have 2.5 minutes.

    Q9. Are you allowed to pvp as a guard either on or off-duty?

    Neither. You are allowed to do it on duty when in self defence.

    Q10. Do you jail someone if they have the effects of a drug?

    No, its only the contraband itself that is able to be confiscated.

    Q11. If a player drops a contraband item and another player picks it up, what do you do?

    Ask the player who picked it up, and begin the countdown. If the game continues then half the countdown, and/or jail both anyway for the directed amount of time.

    Q12. Are you allowed to keep items taken from players and keep them for yourself and friends?

    Q13. Are you allowed to take away contraband from a player if they just logged into the server?

    Sway to leniency; give a verbal warning, and if they persist then operate the countdown.

    Q14. What should you do if you come across a sugarcane/cactus farm?
    Report it, then with the help of others, destroy it, or do it alone if no one wants to blow stuff up :(

    15. What is line pvp, and what do you do if you see someone do this?
    Line pvp is running into pvp, dealing damage, then running immediately back without receiving damage. The penalty is two kicks, then a tempban starting at 5 minutes and ascending.
  2. Zilv28

    Zilv28 Picky Kid
    SrGuard Wiki Team Premium Member

    May 21, 2016
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    Q5: Do you know what Jail Evasion is?

    Q7: Half wrong.

    Q11: The second part is completely wrong.

    Q14: What if you find one of those farms in the plot world?
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  3. CheekyThief

    CheekyThief New Member
    Guard Legendary Titanium Member

    Dec 28, 2018
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    Q5: Jail evasion is using an alternate account so that while one is jailed the other one is still playable.
    Q7: Apologies enchanted weapons are not allowed.
    Q11: There is no where in /warp rules that has the answer to this question. I assumed it was a subjective question.
    Q14: Farms in the prison world are not allowed. Since again there aren't directions in /warp rules, I would say that I would report it to a T3+ member of staff... it is impossible to place sugar cane and cactus in prison world, so to find one would imply hacks involved.

    If i have neglected something in /warp rules then please point it out because I would prefer to find out the information that just be denied :)
  4. BrOsChErRy

    BrOsChErRy Member
    Support Titanium Member

    Mar 16, 2017
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    A solid +1 from me!
    You would be a great staff member.
    I wish you good luck!!
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  5. Diamond_Rush1

    Staff Member SrWarden Forum Admin

    Feb 24, 2014
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