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Game Most Frequently Asked Questions In-game

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by SilverNightFrost, Jul 20, 2017.

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  1. SilverNightFrost

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    Jun 23, 2017
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    My pick broke,what do i use now?
    If your pick breaks you do /kit tools every seven days which provides you with an axe,sword,shovel,and a efficiency 1 iron pick along with a full iron set.If you have used up your /kit tools then you can craft a new one or buy one at /warp bm.
    My armor is breaking how do i repair?
    You can repair all items using anvils at donor ranks.YOU MAY NOT CRAFT ONE!!! Anvils are illegal items and if you somehow are able to craft one and we catch you with it then there will be consequences!
    How do i put color in chat?
    You have to /donate for /chatcolor which is $6.25 at the moment.
    How do i make a nick?
    You have to /donate for nick which is also $6.25 but if you want all name edits it's just $10!
    How do i rankup?
    Do /rankup when you have enough in-game money.
    How do i get eggs?
    Use a rod on the eggs when they spawn as quickly as possible so they don't despawn.
    How do i get diamonds?
    You can't find diamonds in the mines anymore! If you want diamonds you can buy them at F-Block+ or /warp bm.
    How do i use my tokens?
    Tokens haven't been activated yet so no one can use them yet!
    How do i earn money?
    You can mine and sell ores at your Block, /vote daily for up to 5k, or do quests.
    I donated,when will i get my donations?
    You have to wait up to 15 minutes to receive your purchase!
    I donated before the reset! Why don't i have my stuff???
    Due to the server resetting everyone started new but that DOESN'T mean you lost your moneys worth! You can go to forums and fill out a form for your donor perks back but just be PATIENT!
    What is line pvp?
    Line PvP is when you go out pass the red line into pvp and hit someone then run back behind the red line untouched.
    Why did i get warned for vulgar???STAFF ABUSE!!!

    Usually if you get warned for vulgar it's cause you said something in a vulgar way or tried to bypass it some way. Lemme explain what is and isn't vulgar.
    Example Not Vulgar: Fk You!
    Example Not Vulgar: F You!
    Example of Vulgar: This lag is Shite!
    Example of Vulgar: Fck you!
    Example of Vulgar: You're a stupid Hoe!
    A lot of you try to work your way around the last one and say you are talking about a tool but we're not dumb and we very well understand that you are not talking about a tool.

    How do i store my stuff in a chest?
    We don't have chestkeepers anymore but we have /pv 1 which in my opinion is way better.
    How do i get another Private Vault?
    Some donor ranks like legendary and titanium give you extra private vaults.
    Why am i lagging a lot?
    If you are lagging a lot then it's most likely you are in 1.8 which can be very glitchy so i would recommend using 1.9+ for the server.
    Who is staff?

    Any names in red in tab are online staff! If there aren't any then that means no staff are on at the time. You can also do /warp staffroom to see all current staff.
    How do i apply for staff?
    You must be F-Block+ and 14+ to apply on forums. You must post a thread under apply for ( JrGuard,ChatMod) staff. You must use the correct format to apply depending on which you are applying for.
    ChatMod Format: https://forums.cityprison.net/threads/chatmod-application-and-information.1275/
    JrGuard Format: https://forums.cityprison.net/threads/jrguard-application-and-information.1274/

    Can someone accept my nick?
    You have to wait till Diamond or Ashour get on so they can accept it since they are the only ones with perms to nicks.

    I believe i covered most of the frequently asked questions on the server. If you wanna add on to the post just comment your question and i will add it!


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  2. Bubbywolf15

    Bubbywolf15 Ya Boii
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    Mar 2, 2014
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    Expansion on getting eggs:
    You may use a fishing rod on the chicken, (first chicken farm is at B-Rank)
    To do so, Act as if you are casting the rod into the water over and over. After some time, the chicken will drop feathers, eggs, and chicken. It may take some time to get the amount of eggs you want. Chickens will despawn so you may have to switch chickens if this happens. I also recommend bringing multiple fishing rods so you do not have to go get another one if your current one breaks!

    Good job on this post Silver, looks good and very informative. :)
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