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Game Most Frequently Asked Questions (Updated version)

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by SilverNightFrost, Sep 6, 2019.

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  1. SilverNightFrost

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    I made a post like this 2 years ago but CP has changed since and so have the questions being asked in chat so I made a more up to date version of the thread.

    How can I apply for staff?

    You can use this link to make a thread following the correct format for whichever position you are applying for. You must be at least F-Block+ in-game and at least 14 years of age. We are currently not taking staff younger than so.

    Where do i sell my ores?
    You can sell ores at your rank shop but if you want to speed up the process of ranking up then sell your ores at /warp bm for more profit. Once you're higher than I-Block then selling at bms shouldn't benefit you anymore.

    How do i get a cell?
    You can rent out a cell at /warp cells for $500 a day. You can also donate for one on the CityPrison website.They are currently going for $2.50 with the 50% summer sale.

    How do i get a shop?
    You can rent out a bm at /warp bms. All of them are 5k a day not including bms 1,21, and 22. Bms 1 and 21 currently go for 15k a day. Bm 22 goes for 22k a day. Make sure to check out BM rules on the walls at /warp bm. If any are broken you can lose your bm. You can also donate for a donor bm on the CityPrison website. The donation expires weekly but you can buy more time for the same price.

    Why was I warned?
    You were warned because you broke a chat rule in some way or form. You can always check out /warp rules in-game or check out rules here : https://forums.cityprison.net/wiki/server-rules/ . This thread also includes a variety of examples just in case you are confused about what's allowed and what isn't allowed. If you have any further questions you can always ask staff in-game and we'll be happy to assist you. You can also reach out to us on CP Discord. If you don't have the CP Discord yet then click here to join : https://discord.gg/sVRpjAD .

    My pick broke. How do i get a new one?
    You can get a pick from /kit tools if you haven't used it already. It resets every 8 days so you can use it again. If you can't do /kit tools then you can also craft a new pick. If you wish to enchant the pick you can start enchanting at D-Block+. Enchantments are normally located near the mines or rank shops. You can also buy a new pick at /warp bm.

    How do i quit a quest?
    You can quit a quest by doing /quests journal in-game. A journal should pop up in your inventory and you can view all your currently active quests. In the journal you can find the name of the quest you are trying to quit and do /quests quit (quest name). If you want to get rid of the journal then just do /quests journal again and it should take it out your inventory.

    How do i get a plot?
    You can secure a plot by going to /warp plots and looking for a vacant plot. Once you find one you can do /plot claim while standing on the plot. You can also get a plot by doing /plotme auto in-game. This will save you lots of time trying to look for a plot and automatically claim one for you. If you wish to go to your plot just do /plot h in-game. All plots go for 50k. If you wish to get more plots or a bigger one then you can donate for such on the CityPrison website.

    What's a fast way to rank up?
    The easiest ways to rank up are by doing your quests, mining and selling ores, or you can also vote for up to 6k daily here : https://cityprison.net/vote . You also get tokens each time you vote which you can exchange for rewards at /warp tokens. You can also just buy a rank on the CityPrison website if you wish to rankup much faster.

    Where can I pvp?
    You can pvp at /warp pvp, spawn pvp, or D-Block. Remember that when going into pvp whatever happens to you or your items is your responsibility. If you break any rules regarding pvp then there will be consequences.

    How do i access the chest?
    Do /pv 1 in-game to safely store your items.

    How do i get more pvs?
    if you have donor ranks Platinum, Legendary, and Titanium then they will provide you with extra pvs. If you have any of these ranks temporary then i would recommend taking all items store in pv before your donor runs out or it will stay there until you get donor again.

    How do i auction something?
    You can put up a item in auction by /auc start with the item(s) you wish to auction in-hand. If you wish to edit the pricing for the auction then do /auc prep and follow the format listed. You must be at least F-Block to auction an item.

    How do I pay someone?

    You can pay someone by using the command /pay (IGN) (Amount of money) . You must be at least F-Block to pay someone.

    How do i get food?
    You can get food by using /kit food in-game which resets every 5 minutes. You can also get food at /warp farming, /warp fishing, /warp b, d, e, f, g, h, j, and L. Each of these warps either have animal farms, pumpkin/melon farms, or ponds for fishing that you can use. You can also buy food from /warp bm.

    How do I get a nick or color in chat?

    You can get a nick or /chatcolor by donating for it on the CityPrison website. Each goes for $6.25 separately. However, if you wish to buy both together it's $10.

    Where can I get wood from?

    You can get wood from Spawn, B-Block, C-Block, and E-Block. You can also get wood from some Donor ranks such as Donor Block, Platinum, Legendary, and Titanium.

    Make sure to check out Stars CityPrison Quest Guide! It contains a lot of useful information and is up to date!

    If any mistakes were made in this thread or you would like to add to it then feel free to comment below:D
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    Good job Silver a helpful guide especially as we are having a big turnover of new players recently.. You are so caring and I'm so glad you are back on the staff team.

    Much Love,
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