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My goodbyes.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Shanndon, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. Shanndon

    Shanndon New Member

    Jun 28, 2020
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    A lot of you may not know me, but I was actually one of the OG players who first joined city prison when it first released back in 2012. I remember when ranks we're C - Drug-lord, and you had the king cells right before the plot area. It was all good times, and I had an enjoyable experience. Growing up, City Prison was my go-to server, looking back at it, I don't know why, all I did was mine, and sell all the items I mined for hours, just to get a different tag, some call me dumb for that, but I had a fun time tho, and that's what truly matters.
    I came back to Minecraft not so long ago, roughly a month or two, and decided to stop by and check up on the original server I first joined, sadly to see it was dying. Now, I'm 19 now, so one thing I've learned over the course of my life is everything has to come to an end at some point, just like us. I read constant posts saying it's Ashour's fault, that he let it die etc; and well that may be the case, I haven't been around in quite some time. You guys also have to remember we're all human, and this is a game. Regardless of anything, we can thank Ashour for the amazing opportunity he gave us, to begin with. To come home, after school/work, and relax and play a Minecraft server. I respect his decisions, and if he wishes for the server to continue, then I'm sure he can give someone the files, or sell it off; or many he just thinks it's the end of the decade. With 2020 here, maybe he thinks it was just a good time to end the soul project of CityPrison, who knows? But what we all know is we all had fun here, as a community, and as a family.
    I'll always cherish the fun moments I had to share here, even tho I wasted the majority of my childhood on this server (lol); and I hope you guys do the same. Instead of being sad, or angry at the results of the server, just be joyful, you had the opportunity, to begin with!

    Once again, thank you CityPrison, and all the community members who made it out to what it was. For that, I am very grateful.