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Game New Drugworld Information

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by WhiteShadow3713, Nov 9, 2018.

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  1. WhiteShadow3713

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    Oct 24, 2017
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    Hello CityPrisoners, It is your fellow player here WhiteShadow3713, with an updated version of every single thing you need to know about CityPrison drugworld. I will be going into great depth about everything!

    In drugworld, the economy is different to normal prison economy. For example when you join drug world you will only have $50. That is it and nothing else, the only way now you can make money now is by selling Sugar Canes or Cactus items. That is it and nothing else. More on this will be in a section more below.

    Set Homes:

    In drug, you can set homes! However it comes with a price. You must first rankup to DrugLord so you can set your home with a bed. To get this rank, in total it costs 22.5 thousand $ in drugworld currency so the grind is real however when you hit DrugLord you can place a bed and right click it to set a home.
    At DrugKing you do not have to use a bed to set home and instead you have access to /sethome which means you do not need a bed to set it anymore and can set portable homes.

    Donor Homes:
    If you are a Legendary Member, at Hitman rank you have access to 1 /sethome
    If you are a
    Titanium Member, at Hitman rank you have access to 2 /sethome(s) and once you hit DrugKing you have access to another /sethome permission meaning at the absolute max for a high ranked Donator you can get 3 homes.

    In drugworld the rank system is also different to the main Prison mode. By default you will have the Falcon rank. Once you pass this rank you go to Hitman which costs 5000. After this rank is Lieutenant which will cost you 7500 after you rankup to Hitman. After Lieutenant is DrugLord which will cost you 10,000 after you rankup to Lieutenant. After this rank is DrugKing which will cost you 20,000 after you rankup to DrugLord. After you reach DrugKing you can not go any higher than that. This is the end of the chain!

    For the drugs list which are currently denied for use in drugworld they are:
    Bat - up to Night Vision 2
    Speed - up to Speed 2
    Diver - up to Water Breathing 2
    Health - Regens how many ever hearts you want it to do (to yourself)
    Steroids - up to Haste 2
    Ninja - Invis (broken)
    Healer - Regen 1 (max)
    Hops - Up to Jump Boost 3
    Firefighter - up to Fire Resistance 3
    Rocky - up to Strength 2

    The only 2 types of farms to make money are Sugar Canes and Cactus. You can also make other types of farm you can not make in the main world like Cocoa Bean farms! Other farms can be made in the normal Prison world.

    World Border:
    The drugworld is only 2,000 x 2,000
    Cords to edges:
    if looking north:
    2616 X 2905 Z (bottom left)
    4616 X 2905 Z (bottom right)
    4616 X 905 Z (top right)
    2616 X 905 Z (top left)

    In drugworld selling is hard, you have to really grind out just to rankup (just like Prison but more limited here in drugworld) however the prices are:
    Sugar Canes = $60 a stack
    Cactus = $64 a stack or $1 per cactus

    These can be sold at /warp spawn
    You can no transfer money over from the Prison!

    Ranking up:
    All you have to type in chat is /rankup
    Falcon: Free
    Hitman: 5k
    Lieutenant: 7.5k
    DrugLord: 10k
    DrugKing: 20k

    Yes mobs have been on in the past and currently toggle on and off however mobs are active making sure you do not go afk as afking is not allowed!

    In drugworld you have your own chat, if you type in that chat people from Prison can not currently see it however you guys can see the main prison chat. If you wish to chat too someone from drugworld ---> prison you must drop them a /msg

    In the drugworld you can transfer any item over from Prison however if you transfer items from drugworld to the Prison gamemode, some items will be blacklisted in that gamemode and will not work. You can only sell them at the blackmarke's are store them for personal use.

    In drug world you can also not drop drugs for some reason so do not try it! It will not go to the ground and just will come back to you.

    Guards Raiding the farms:
    This is allowed, be careful who you trust and tp into the base because guards can destroy and raid just as equal as the players! Only team with friends you truly know or you could be in for a surprise....

    Drugworld Spawn:
    When you enter drugworld, there is a little spawn area and when you jump down to run out there is a little radius so you can not break anything and when a red message in chat tells you that you have left spawn, that means you can start breaking items.

    Common questions (FAQ):
    Is there any kits? How do you get items?
    You bring in items from Prison, no kits in drugworld or gamemode spawned in items. Still hardcore as normal.

    Who can access drugworld?
    If you are a DrugDealer in Prison or a prestige rank of any sort you can enter. Staff can bypass all this and just come in to say hi and bye.

    Is afking allowed?
    No, at this moment a broken afk system is in place where you are meant to pick the color it says but it will not work. Instead you basically get kicked every 5 or so minutes depending on when the afk checker comes up. Usually staff just kick to see if you are afk but the new color system has replaced this.

    Can we claim land?
    No, all land can be broken by anyone. Guards are especially going to break it but can not join in on your eventures as they are not allowed. They are there to help not to go against ;)

    Is PvP enabled?
    From the moment you step out into the wilderness, pvp is enabled and anyone can hit and kill you. When you die, you also lose all items you had on you at that time and it is up to the person who killed you to give your items back or not. They are not required to do this at all so do not go report them if they killed you.

    Thank you for reading! I hope this helps you in future journeys in the new October 2018 released Drugworld!

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    Jun 2, 2016
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    What about cocoa beans
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