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October Voting

Discussion in 'Anouncements' started by Ashour, Nov 1, 2016.

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  1. Ashour

    Ashour Need help? PM me! OR email me at "[email protected]" Staff Member Owner Forum Admin

    October has come and passed and we're excited to begin November, we plan to release some very secret updates over the next few weeks, but until then, here are this months top voters, as always please PM me on skype (ashour253) to receive your reward!

    Top Voters

    1st [​IMG]steveDIAMONDS 129votes - $100
    2nd [​IMG]buddybear101 126votes - $90
    3rd [​IMG]Hollygwood 124votes -$80
    4th [​IMG]coco1498 114votes -$70
    5th [​IMG]FrozenFireFire 111votes - $60
    6th [​IMG]Tomo905 109votes - $50
    7th [​IMG]hersh5 109votes - $50
    8th [​IMG]Kilrathe 99votes - $40
    9th [​IMG]FOURCHAINS 98votes $35
    10th [​IMG]Zilv28 89 - $20​
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  2. _Glitch_

    _Glitch_ Well-Known Member Member

    Congratulations to everyone who voted!
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  3. gougoumath

    gougoumath Active Member Titanium M-Block Member

    Congratz to all the winners and a special thank you to all the one who have voted! :)
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  4. B-Mode21

    B-Mode21 New Member Member

    Congrats all for your determination to vote everyday for a whole month!
  5. Mr_lonely132

    Mr_lonely132 Member Prestige-2 Titanium Member

    GG guys!
  6. TacticalBaconYT

    TacticalBaconYT New Member Member

    How do I post an application for chatmod/ support
  7. Hollygwood

    Hollygwood Active Member Prestige-2 Titanium Member

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  8. cfcryan

    cfcryan New Member Member

    congratz all for voting and supporting server u deserve rewards :D
  9. steveDIAMONDS

    steveDIAMONDS New Member Member

    Has everyone received their codes yet, I have not!
  10. Hollygwood

    Hollygwood Active Member Prestige-2 Titanium Member

    I think mostly everyone has received a code, seeing how it has been over 2 weeks since this was posted.
    You should receive it soon. If not, talk to a staff member (again) ;)

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