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SleepyRem's JrGuard Application

Discussion in 'Junk' started by RemIsLife, Nov 4, 2019.

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  1. RemIsLife

    RemIsLife New Member

    Sep 11, 2018
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    How old are you:


    What is your timezone (GMT):


    How long have you played on CityPrison:

    (Started in September 2018) 26day and 8hrs (give or take a few hours)

    How many hours a day can you guard for:

    3-4hrs daily

    What is your current rank (Block):

    Pres. M

    Do you have experience with prison servers:

    I understand the basic of prisons (bm’s, mining, and pvp) I also have been on cp for over a year now on top of that.

    Do you have experience with guard ranks:

    No, although I want to give it a shot and try my best, but I did become a head admin on a prison server before which taught basic mechanics of the server as well as the basic ideal for staff and how they should act. (left because the community was kinda dull)

    Have you read all of the server rules and know your way around the prison:

    Yes, I have read all of the prison rules so I don't lose items and get in trouble with the staff. Also I did reread them recently because I know this last sentence was use on my last application.

    What makes you the best guard applicant:

    I am the best Jr guard applicant because I try my best to help out in chat when I can. Example: When someone asks a question I try to respond quickly and accurately but if someone does answers before me I don’t send it so I don’t spam chat with a similar message. (I know counter intuitive sometimes) I try to treat the server and it’s community with great care. I know I have definitely messed up in the past but that makes me an even better applicant because I have learned from my mistakes, matured greatly, and I have the desire to work hard to make the server a better place.

    Do you have Discord and Teamspeak (You need Discord, and must have a mic):

    I have discord it is SleepyDeku#1750

    Additional Info:
    I Sweepy a lot of the time....... *sleep sounds*

    "Mistakes don't define someone no matter who you are and what you do, it's how you proceed from them that what truly defines both me and you"
    Rem's Quote

    Q1. What are the jail times for these items; enchanted weapons, unenchanted weapons, drugs/golden apples?

    There is a 10 minute jail time for enchanted weapons 5 minutes for Donor/God/Platinum And there is a 2.5 minute jail time for Legendary/Titanium.

    There 5 minute jail time for normal weapons 2.5 mins of jail time for all donor ranks

    The drugs and golden apples give 10 minute jail time, 5 minutes of jail time for
    Donor/God/Platinum, and Legendary/Titanium is 2.5 minutes of jail time

    Q2. What do you do if someone suicides on you with a lot of contraband items or throws a lot of contraband items on you?

    If someone suicides on you it is 15 min jail time, 7.5 min jail time Donor/God/Platinum, and 2.5 min jail time for Legendary/Titanium.

    Throwing lots of contraband is 5 min and only 2.5 min for all donor ranks


    Also, I would take the contraband and throw it in lava because the guard rules advise against giving guards contraband and inform them of this.

    Q3. What are the jail times for donors?

    Half time for Donor/God/Platinum
    Quarter time for Legendary/Titanium.
    (minimum of 2min 30sec)

    Q4. If the player, when asked for the contraband, puts it in his inventory/pv, what do you do?

    Still ask him for it if no response jail him, after the 5sec countdown, for the amount of time for

    the items time, plus check if a player has donor rank and apply right time.

    Q5. If someone logs out during a countdown what do you do?

    It is a 10min Tempban.

    What about jail evasion?

    1 warn then ban for double the jail time. (Rank does not affect the doubled jail time for the ban)

    Also logging out during a countdown is a 10 min ban.

    Q6. Can Admins and Commanders be jailed?

    Admins and Commanders can be jailed for contraband when off duty.

    What about Jr Warden?

    Jr. Wardens cannot be jailed.

    Q7. Can you take swords from players in mob farms? What about donor grinders?

    I can take swords from people in mob farms (could have changed this is what I was told by another staff), but I can't take swords from people in donor grinders.

    Q8. If you are going to jail a donor for having an enchanted sword how long would it be?

    Jail them for 5 minutes for Donor/God/Platinum.

    What about legendary/titanium?

    2 and a half minutes

    Q9. Are you allowed to pvp as a guard either on or off-duty?

    No!!, unless on duty attacked and you need to defend yourself or challenged to a duel by another player.

    Q10. Do you jail someone if they have the effects of a drug?

    Only if I see the drug I can jail them if they don't give the item.

    The drugs give 10 minute jail time for normal players, 5 minutes of jail time for

    Donor/God/Platinum, and Legendary/Titanium is 2.5 minutes of jail time

    Q11. If a player drops a contraband item and another player picks it up, what do you do?

    Ask the other player for the item with the jail time behind the item the other player dropped.

    Q12. Are you allowed to keep items taken from players and keep them for yourself and friends?

    No, delete/throw the items in lava.

    Q13. Are you allowed to take away contraband from a player if they just logged into the server?

    No, because they are new and haven't had a chance to read the rules so you tell them it would be wise to do so. I would ask them for the contraband if they continued to hold it out. If someone were to rejoin the server then I would warn them to put it away because they didn't get

    Q14. What should you do if you come across a sugarcane/cactus farm?

    I would raid it, then disposal the items and or throw them out into lava. Also if I found a farm on a plot I would report it to a higher staff to have it removed.

    Q15. What is line pvp, and what do you do if you see someone do this?

    When going into the pvp area, like in spawn or D rank, then hitting someone then running into the safe area.

    /kick line pvp 1, then /kick line pvp 2, temp ban starting at 5 mins then double the ban every time they do it.

    After a day the consequences reset. If you do get hit then leave pvp then it does not count as line pvp

    Thanks for your time, SleepyRem <3
  2. OnlySnow

    OnlySnow New Member
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    Jul 22, 2018
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    I like your motivation to be a staff member. Im surprised.
    Besides this comment ill let the rest of the CP community give their neutrals, +1, and -1.

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  3. Tradie

    Tradie Active Member
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    Sep 6, 2018
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