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The decline of players on CityPrison.

Discussion in 'Junk' started by jrdxix, Aug 13, 2017.

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  1. jrdxix

    jrdxix Member
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    Jul 3, 2017
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    Well I am here to carry out my promise. Here is my view and opinion about the decline of CityPrison as a whole. Bear with me here since this will be a long post, but I hope this will help.

    Since the reset, things had been going well on the server. Players were online and active, staff members were active as well and there were little to no issues with anything in general. Over the course of the time since donor block was introduced, I believe the server as a whole has been declining due to multiple reasons I will list below. I love this server don't get me wrong. It has became my go-to activity during the day to have fun and enjoy during the summer. However, some aspects of the server have caused a decline in player activity, staff activity and an uptick in server issues like I stated before. I do not want CityPrison to continue on this path of decline due to my attachment to the community I have created over the course of the past couple of months. If you have made it this far I would appreciate you spending the time reading the following...

    The Issues
    Over the course of the past couple weeks issues have been occurring that have made the server harder and less enjoyable to play.

    1. Lag
    The lag on CityPrison has become painstakingly impossible to deal with. During the last couple of days constant complaining has come from players in the chat claiming they are not able to PvP fairly nor are able to mine without having trouble. This is a huge issue and I beg for Ashour or Diamond to fix this. A simple server reset could be the problem here and could be fixed with a push of a button. If this is not true please, I beg of you to work on some type of solution, even if this requires removing plugins or changing the server so it is only 1.12, this issue needs to be addressed.

    2. Mining
    This is a huge feature on CityPrison which is essential for players to earn money. Mining has been fundamental to ranking up but is now almost impossible to do. I find myself mining blocks and not even receiving the ores I had just mined. Sometimes they will spawn two seconds after I mined them or they will spawn in a random spot in the mine and I will end up losing them to lag clearance. This is a huge problem because I am ending up only receiving seventy-five percent of the ores I mine. I am losing countless of grams to this foolish problem. Also most of the time I will lag out and when I break blocks they will disappear but when I "unlag" they will glitch out and still act like they are there causing my player to glitch when I try to walk around in the mine.

    Just recently as well mine resets have stopped working. I know for a fact Legendary mine is not working because it is stuck at 170m and 8s. This is unfair to donors who have paid for their rank/(or earned it through voting vouchers), due to the advantages they should have received by purchasing this rank.

    3. Staff Activity
    Over the course of the past few weeks I notice staff members being on less and less as the days progress. Some members will only come on for five minutes and then leave once they make sure no one is breaking the rules. I believe staff members should be active and engaging with others instead of hopping on and then logging off. NOTE: This is absolutely not an attempt to ridicule the staff members, it is just my personal opinion, and this blurb only applies to a minority of members in the community. A majority staff members are amazing and are always engaged with the community but a minority of staff members are doing what I stated above.

    4. Quests
    This is a minor issue but yet again quests are not working correctly and some quests are outdated to the current version of CityPrison. Changing this would really help!

    5. Anvils
    I understand Ashour wants to control the amount of anvils in donor blocks but communicating how many we can receive would really improve player-staff communication. Otherwise every time we run out of anvils we have to post to the forums not knowing when the next set of anvils are coming. SUGGESTION: Please tell us how many anvils you will give us on a weekly basis so we are able to know when we will receive anvils again. This makes it so we do not have to bother anyone when we run out of anvils.

    6. New Features
    I know Ashour and Diamond are busy but we have been waiting months for new features to come out like kits and Druglord. We have given a lot of time and have waited patiently for these features. Restoring these as soon as possible would attract players back to the server as soon as possible.

    7. Communication
    This is not a problem per say but is a suggestion to improve the owner-player interaction on the server. By communicating what is going on or when features will be released really helps players understand what is going on in your guys head. Please let us know if you need more time to do something, or let us know when something will be released. It will make players more patient and help us understand what is going on.

    Like I stated before I love this server. It is an amazing community with great people behind it and a great idea as a whole. I would just hope things improve so we stop losing so many players. I want to thank the owners for their hard work and dedication but also at the same time nudge them and tell them they need to get on this before we lose everyone. Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave feedback or your own suggestions in the comments.

    Thank you, and have an amazing night.
    Jrdxix <3

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  2. Ney_Ney28

    Ney_Ney28 Member
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    Aug 7, 2017
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    I completely agree. I find it almost IMPOSSIBLE to mine at times due to lag alone. Block lag, and even being trapped in place where trying to move just teleports you back. I love the server and am very willing to donate its just sad to see it in this state. Please Ashour. Fix this.
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