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Discussion in 'Anouncements' started by Cheeze888, Dec 3, 2016.

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  1. Cheeze888

    Cheeze888 Active Member Staff Member Forum Admin Member

    Well a new block as arrived


    Titanium implements many new features into the prison world! We are introducing the best mines, kits, and shops CityPrison has ever seen. Players will Titanium will gain access to a large snow mine filled with ores, the snow mine also introduces a new block to prison, Prismarine! Also don't forgot about the wood mine which contains Spruce logs and planks.


    Players will also be able to use 3 all new mob grinders as well as 3 passive mob farms that include polar bears!


    Don't worry you'll get lots of benefits outside of prison too! Having Titanium will allow you to set 2 homes in the drug world. Also every month you will receive money in drug. This money will allow you to purchase pre-made cactus farms. The Farms will be 30x30 and the various tiers will increase in the amount of layers they have. This feature will be coming soon once we have enough Titanium members.

    Although with the release of Titanium we had to remove VIP, on the upside all current VIP members are being upgraded to god!

    Upgrade to Titanium now while the 50% off stale is still going!
    Cityprison donation page
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2016
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  2. LBakerMoore

    LBakerMoore New Member Prestige-2 Member

    Sounds Cool
  3. Zilv28

    Zilv28 Active Member Member

  4. _oscar_

    _oscar_ Member Prestige-2 Titanium Member

    The premade cactus farms basically ruins druglord..

    For the longest time you had to farm tons of sugarcane to get the rank druglord, and i mean tons. Now it takes half a inven of cactus and you are good to go?

    And intruducing worldedited farms for the people who donated the most is really the wrong direction to go. This is just my opinion but worldedited farms is what someone would call a "pay to win" server.

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  5. Dat1Porkchop

    Dat1Porkchop CP Support Premium Member

    COME ON!

    I just bought Legendary and now you shove this in my face. Of course I'm buying it cause screw you <3
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  6. Ashour

    Ashour Need help? PM me! OR email me at "[email protected]" Staff Member Owner Forum Admin

    Normal players will have access, titanium simply has other varieties to choose from :)
  7. _oscar_

    _oscar_ Member Prestige-2 Titanium Member

    Ok, i just felt like it was moving in the wrong direction. I just want Cp to stay as the non pay 2 win as it have always been❤️
  8. Bossing

    Bossing Member Member

    So what happened to the "super grinders" they are the same if not worse than God. Fix this by adding at least one more spawners in each grinder. Second I thought these kits were suppose to be very good, they are the same armor as God. When will this get fixed?
  9. gougoumath

    gougoumath Active Member Titanium M-Block Member

    The second im not poor in buying this :D, looks awesome :), amazing update :p
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  10. PeppaPug_

    PeppaPug_ Member Member

    Its ok i guess, i Just wish it came with a /pv 3 and cheaper repair signs. That would defiantly make it worth it.
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  11. AndrewScout

    AndrewScout Active Member God M-Block Member

    Looks cool, but I'm saving up for a bunch of Zelda games, and a 50 by 50 plot first. :cool::p:D:eek::rolleyes:;):)

    IRONIC4WIN Member Legendary Prestige-2 Member

    I think you should add world edit and being able to fly in dl to this rank as well as pink tag that says TOMATOE. I think this is a great addition though to our OP prison now. You should get 652 god apples and 33 sets of p4 in this kit as well with a pre-made sugar cane farm and or cactus farm every other month. I would like too see these grinders actually work because half the ranks after god the grinders spawn tons of air.
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  13. Winston_JeeD

    Winston_JeeD Member Support Titanium Member

    i think this would be a bad idea.....

    its not enough gapples atleast 655 like cmon"
  14. Dat1Porkchop

    Dat1Porkchop CP Support Premium Member

    +1 would buy, is good, I like, very nice yes yes is very very nice
  15. AndrewScout

    AndrewScout Active Member God M-Block Member

    Now, all we need is a bigger drugworld.
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  16. gougoumath

    gougoumath Active Member Titanium M-Block Member

    No thats too OP and drugs would be worth 5-8k :(
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  17. mgi86

    mgi86 New Member Prestige-2 Titanium Member

    Great New Rank <3 The kit is great you get pick and spade in it now not op but none the less great and 2 gaps and crates too .
    Excellent addition to the rank would be a repair sign and pv 3 and also still not sure where the multiply sign is or where its gonna go ?
    and already skyped master ashour about sethome in druglord titanium have the prefix but we lost access to sethome command hope this gets fixed soon <3
    Also it would be great if we were able to get prismarine shards on a buy sign in shop area , shards make the additional block of prismarine stone and dark prismarine <3<3 the block is very versatile and would be nice to have those contrasts when using blocks to build in ya plot ..
    Again thanks for the great new rank much appreciated <3
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  18. Dat1Porkchop

    Dat1Porkchop CP Support Premium Member

    Just got the rank. The block itself has a very different feel than all the other blocks. It's nice though, Really makes it feel special.

    Enjoying it so far. Only complaint is apparently there are no Anvils there. Not a big deal though, But wouldn't mind some in the grinder area.

    No other complaints or questions so far. I'm enjoying it. :)
  19. Bossing

    Bossing Member Member

    The armor needs a buff, it's the same as God armor.
    The armor should be better than legendary armor....
  20. _oscar_

    _oscar_ Member Prestige-2 Titanium Member

    Not really.. The kits cant get any better because it will make this into a OP Prison.
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