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Discussion in 'Junk' started by Siveno, Aug 12, 2019.

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  1. Siveno

    Siveno New Member

    Jul 24, 2018
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    8/12/2019 6:00 PM

    Ban Evasion

    My other acc, Octiven, I gave to a brother of mine not long after it was made. They got the account banned from the same ip the TheRealGamer81 account is on. im asking them to change their user to something else so i can take the Octiven user back, because I kind of like it. The Therealgamer81 account will be reverted to Octiven. the Octiven account will be likely reverted to alamaramia for a username. My brother is much younger then me so it should not matter much to him anyways, he usually plays roblox. I am not ban evading as I never use the other account, so I cant ban evade on an account that isn't mine. I can understand why this could have happened, and I am not the brightest. This happened a long time ago to my memory, so i cannot pinpoint when it happened. All I know is that it happened a while ago. ( actually i might give the Oct user to a friend and make mine Silavoni ). If you have any questions msg me on discord Octiven#9289. I am named Octiven on all platforms besides mc for the most part, i just never bothered with mc because my brother is quite stingy about everything.

    It wont let me send an image

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  2. SilverNightFrost

    SilverNightFrost New Member
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    Jun 23, 2017
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    Looks like your account was banned for Auto fish and Auto Relog. This was months ago so hopefully things have changed. You got banned again for bypassing a ban on another account or as you saw, ban evasion. I would recommend pointing out the fact that you or your brother have made a mistake and it wont happen again. If your brother is gonna continue getting your account in trouble then i would suggest keeping your account more private so that they won't cause more problems for you. Good luck on the appeal!
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  3. starkissed

    starkissed |Ex JrWarden|
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    Jun 7, 2015
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