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Allowed Mods

Aug 11, 2018
Allowed Mods
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    Optifine is a mod used by most players to increase overall FPS reducing lag in addition to giving a few extra setting in the "Video settings" section of the Minecraft options.
    You are permitted to use any of the additional options given from the mod as it does not affect gameplay in any way.
    It is recommended to be used on the server but, is not required.

    FPS Counters

    Any modification that shows your clients FPS counter is allowed, assuming the modification is NOT a hacked client and simply sets a permanently visible FPS counter.

    HUD Counters

    Any HUD counter that is ONLY a HUD counter is allowed if it does not give you ANY advantage besides being able to easily see information such as your OWN armor durability levels, potion levels etc.
    If you are able to gain an advantage through a HUD counter beside analytical information, then that HUD counter mod is NOT allowed.