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Server Rules

Feb 3, 2019
Server Rules
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    In this page, you can find all Server Rules. For further explanations, go to /Warp Rules in game.

    - Mutable Rules -

    Caps 1: Warn -- Caps 2: Warn -- Caps 3: 10 Minutes Mute
    Using an excessive amount of capital words in a long sentence;
    3+ capital words in a short sentence;

    TyPiNg In ChAt LiKe ThIs.

    Discrimination: 30 Minutes Mute
    Making fun of a race, ethnic group or religion.
    Using racist slangs.

    Excessive Spam
    Excessive Spam: 15 MInutes Mute
    Repeating 5 or more times the same message.

    Harassment: 30 Minutes Mute
    Saying something extremely rude or demeaning multiple times after being told to stop.

    Spam 1: Warn -- Spam 2: 10 Minutes Mute
    3-4 repeated messages;
    6+ same characters in a line;
    Speaking a foreign language;
    Repeating a word 4+ times in a line;
    Using special characters in chat;
    Counting down from 4+ to 1.

    Vulgar 1: Warn -- Vulgar 2: Warn -- Vulgar 3: 10 Minutes Warn
    Anything used as an insult;
    Anything used in a vulgar way.

    - Tempbannable Rules -

    AFK with an Alt Account at a Grinder/Farm
    AFK with an Alt at a Grinder/Farm: 3 Days Tempban

    Asking for a Ban
    Asking for a Ban: 1 Day Tempban

    Asking for OP
    1 Verbal Warn -- Asking for OP: 7 Days Tempban

    Auc/Ah Scamming
    Scamming in Auc/Ah: 1 Day Tempban

    Auctioning Items with Vulgar Names
    1 Verbal Warn -- Auctioning an Item with a Vulgar Name: 1 Day Tempban

    Bypassing a Ban
    Bypassing a Ban: Ban for the remaining time

    Bypassing a Mute
    Bypassing a Mute: 1 Day Tempban
    Renamed Items;
    Messaging from DrugLord;
    Party Invites;

    Changing In-Game Name similar to a Staff/Player In-Game Name
    Staff IGN: 30 Days Tempban

    Chest Shop Outside the BM
    Chest Shop Outside BM: 1 Day Tempban

    Complaining about a Staff Demotion/Promotion
    Complaining about a Staff Demotion: 30 Days Tempban

    Exploiting a Glitch
    Exploiting a Glitch: 7 Days Tempban

    Having a Staff Skin
    1 Verbal Warn -- Having a Staff Skin 1: Kick -- Having a Staff Skin 2: 1 Hour Tempban

    Having an Inappropriate Skin
    1 Verbal Warn -- Inappropriate Skin 1: Kick -- Inappropriate Skin 2: 12 Hours Tempban

    Inappropriate Builds
    Inappropriate Build: 1 Day Tempban

    Inappropriate In-Game Name
    1 Verbal Warn -- Inappropriate IGN 1: Kick -- Inappropriate IGN 2: 30 Days Tempban

    Line PvP
    Line PvP 1: Kick -- Line PvP 2: Kick
    Line PvP 3 - First Offence: 5 Minutes TempBan
    Line PvP 3 - Second Offence: 10 Minutes TempBan
    Line PvP 3 - Third Offence: 20 Minutes TempBan
    Line PvP 3 - Fourth Offence: 40 Minutes TempBan
    Line PvP 3 - Fifth Offence: 80 Minutes TempBan
    Line PvP 3 - Sixth Offence: 160 Minutes TempBan
    Line PvP 3 - Seventh Offence: 320 Minutes TempBan
    Line PvP 3 - Eighth Offence: 640 Minutes TempBan
    Line PvP 3 - Ninth Offence: 1280 Minutes TempBan

    Hitting/shooting someone in a PvP zone, then running to the safe zone while staying untouched.

    Pet Glitching
    Pet Glitching: 3 Days Tempban

    Pets in a PvP Zone
    2 Verbal Warnings -- Pet in PvP: 12 Hours Tempban

    PvP Logging
    PvP Logging - First Offense: 1 Day TempBan
    PvP Logging - Second Offense: 2 Days TempBan
    PvP Logging - Third-Ninth Offence: 3 Days TempBan
    PvP Logging - Tenth Offence: Permanent Ban (Appealable)
    PvP Offence - Eleventh Offence: Permanent Ban (No Appeal)

    Logging out in a PvP zone while being in a fight;
    Warping to a plot while being on fire.

    Scamming in the BM
    Scamming in BM: 7 Days Tempban

    Sexual Harassment
    Sexual Harassment - First Offense: 3 Days Tempban
    Sexual Harassment - Second Offense: 7 Days Tempban
    Sexual Harassment - Third Offense: 30 Days Tempban
    Sexual Harassment - Fourth Offense: Permanent Ban (Appealable)

    Spam in Lotto / MSG / Mail / Party / Pay / Bid / Death Yellow Chat (5+)
    Spam in Lotto/Msg/Mail/Party/Pay/Bid: 10 Minutes Tempban

    Spamming Suicide

    1 Verbal Warn -- Suicide Spam: 1 Day Tempban

    Vulgar Banners
    Vulgar Banner: 1 Day Tempban

    Vulgar Names on Pets
    Pet Vulgar Name: 1 Day Tempban

    - Bannable Rules -

    Advertisements of Any Kind
    Ads: Permanent Ban - No Appeal

    DDoS Threats
    DDoS Threats: Permanent Ban - No Appeal

    Duplicating Items
    Duping: Permanent Ban - Appealable

    Hacks or Mods of Any Kind
    Hacks: Permanent Ban - Appealable

    Illegal Items
    Illegal Items: Permanent Bam - Appealable

    Spam Bots
    Bots: Permanent Ban - No Appeal

    Threats to Dox or Doxing
    Dox Threats/Doxxing: Permanent Ban - No Appeal

    - Perm-Muteable Offenses -

    Getting 75 Warns and 40 Mutes in one month;
    Getting 24 Warns and 12 Mutes in one day;
    Getting muted 4 times in one day for Discrimination or Harassment;
    Logging on the server just to cause problems;
    Numerous incidents of excessive spam before logging off;
    Constant harassment.

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