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Server Rules

Sep 13, 2019
Server Rules
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    On this page, you can find all the Server's Rules. For further explanations, go to /Warp Rules in game.

    - Mutable Rules -


    What Is 'Caps'?

    This rule is enforced when capital letters are used to take up half OR more of the same sentence. (You must have at least 3 words in the sentence, typed in full capital letters, to be warned.)






    First Offence results in a warning (Caps 1). The second Offence will result in another warning (Caps 2). If you decide to break the rule for the third time, you will be given a tempmute for the duration of 10 minutes (Caps 3).


    What Is 'Vulgar'?

    Any form of Swearing;
    Anything used as an insult;
    Anything used in a vulgar way;
    Talking about explicit or inappropriate content in the public chat.


    The first offence will result in a written warning (Vulgar 1). Second offences lead to another written warning (Vulgar 2). If you decide to break the rule for a third time, you will be given a tempmute for the duration of 10 minutes (Vulgar 3).

    Keep In Mind:

    If you break the 'Vulgar' rule through the use of [Item] In game, the punishment for 'Vulgar' will apply;

    For a Vulgar word to be typed in chat, you must censor MORE than half of the word with a '*', failing to do so will result in the word being deemed vulgar and staff will warn.

    The use of vulgarity is allowed in Private Messages on the server, however, if you begin to harass, the Harassment Mute will apply.

    If you
    separate vulgar words between different lines, the staff will still deem it Vulgar.

    Typing Vulgar words out backwards is still considered Vulgar.


    What Is 'Spam'?

    Repeating Messages - This rule is enforced when you repeat the same OR similar message in the chat 3-4 times. (As soon as 5+ of the same message is sent in the chat, it becomes Excessive Spam);

    Repeating CharactersIf you repeat the same character 6+ times in a sentence, it becomes spam. This rule also comes into effect when you decide to type 3 or more words with characters being repeated only 4-5 times;

    Foreign LanguagesIf you speak any language other than English in the server’s chat, we have every right consider it spam as the server is English based;

    Repeating Words / Fragments - This rule is enforced when people decide to repeat words 4 or more times in THE SAME MESSAGE;

    Special Characters – When you excessively replace normal characters in words with accents or, a player randomly uses accents for no reason;

    Double PostingThis rule is enforced when you post the same message twice in the chat then followed by a different message, but it’s also double posted. This must occur 3 times in the time-span of 30 seconds for it to count as spam;

    Counting down from 4, and above, to 1.







    The first offence will lead to a written warning (Spam 1). An offence after that will result in a tempmute for the duration of 10 minutes (Spam 2).


    What Is 'Discrimination'?

    Making fun of a race, religion, or ethnic group. (Sexual orientation does not count in this rule.);
    Using racial slang words.
    (Exchanging one or two letters does not exempt you from punishment.)


    If you are caught discriminating a player, you will be instantly muted for 30 minutes. You are not entitled to a verbal warning prior to this mute, however, in some cases a verbal warning may be issued depending on the situation.

    (If you receive 4 or more of these mutes, you will be perm muted.)

    Excessive Spam

    What Is 'Excessive Spam'?

    Repeating 5 or more times the same message.





    If you excessively spam the chat, you will be instantly muted for the duration of 15 minutes.

    (If you receive 4 or more of these mutes, you will be perm muted.)


    What Is 'Harassment'?

    Harassment is when you are saying something extremely rude towards another player or demeaning multiple times after being verbally warned.


    If you are found to be harassing a player, you will be instantly muted for a time frame of 30 minutes. A verbal warning will be issued prior to this mute if deemed necessary by the staff online.

    (If you receive 4 or more of these mutes, you will be perm muted.)

    - Tempbannable Rules -

    AFK with an Alt Account at a Grinder/Farm
    AFK with an Alt at a Grinder/Farm: 3 Days Tempban

    Asking for a Ban
    Asking for a Ban: 1 Day Tempban

    Asking for OP
    1 Verbal Warn -- Asking for OP: 7 Days Tempban

    Auc/Ah Scamming
    Scamming in Auc/Ah: 1 Day Tempban

    Auctioning Items with Vulgar Names
    1 Verbal Warn -- Auctioning an Item with a Vulgar Name: 1 Day Tempban

    Racism On Signs
    1 Verbal Warn -- Racism On Signs: 1 Day Tempban

    More Than One Alt In /Lot
    12 Hour Tempban

    Bypassing a Ban
    Bypassing a Ban: Ban for the remaining time

    Bypassing a Mute
    Bypassing a Mute: 1 Day Tempban
    Renamed Items;
    Messaging from DrugLord;
    Party Invites;

    Changing In-Game Name similar to a Staff/Player In-Game Name
    Staff IGN: 30 Days Tempban

    Complaining about a Staff Demotion/Promotion
    Complaining about a Staff Demotion: 30 Days Tempban

    Exploiting a Glitch
    Exploiting a Glitch: 7 Days Tempban

    Having a Staff Skin
    1 Verbal Warn -- Having a Staff Skin 1: Kick -- Having a Staff Skin 2: 1 Hour Tempban

    Having an Inappropriate Skin
    1 Verbal Warn -- Inappropriate Skin 1: Kick -- Inappropriate Skin 2: 12 Hours Tempban

    Inappropriate Builds
    Inappropriate Build: 1 Day Tempban

    Inappropriate In-Game Name
    1 Verbal Warn -- Inappropriate IGN 1: Kick -- Inappropriate IGN 2: 30 Days Tempban

    Line PvP
    Line PvP 1: Kick -- Line PvP 2: Kick
    Line PvP 3 - First Offence: 5 Minutes TempBan
    Line PvP 3 - Second Offence: 10 Minutes TempBan
    Line PvP 3 - Third Offence: 20 Minutes TempBan
    Line PvP 3 - Fourth Offence: 40 Minutes TempBan
    Line PvP 3 - Fifth Offence: 80 Minutes TempBan
    Line PvP 3 - Sixth Offence: 160 Minutes TempBan
    Line PvP 3 - Seventh Offence: 320 Minutes TempBan
    Line PvP 3 - Eighth Offence: 640 Minutes TempBan
    Line PvP 3 - Ninth Offence: 1280 Minutes TempBan

    Hitting/shooting someone in a PvP zone, then running to the safe zone while staying untouched.

    Pet Glitching
    Pet Glitching: 3 Days Tempban

    Pets in a PvP Zone
    2 Verbal Warnings -- Pet in PvP: 12 Hours Tempban

    PvP Logging
    PvP Logging - First Offense: 1 Day TempBan
    PvP Logging - Second Offense: 2 Days TempBan
    PvP Logging - Third-Ninth Offence: 3 Days TempBan
    PvP Logging - Tenth Offence: Permanent Ban (Appealable)
    PvP Offence - Eleventh Offence: Permanent Ban (No Appeal)

    Logging out in a PvP zone while being in a fight;
    Warping to a plot while being on fire.

    Scamming in the BM
    Scamming in BM: 7 Days Tempban

    Sexual Harassment
    Sexual Harassment - First Offense: 3 Days Tempban
    Sexual Harassment - Second Offense: 7 Days Tempban
    Sexual Harassment - Third Offense: 30 Days Tempban
    Sexual Harassment - Fourth Offense: Permanent Ban (Appealable)

    Spam in Lotto / MSG / Mail / Party / Pay / Bid / Death Yellow Chat (5+)
    Spam in Lotto/Msg/Mail/Party/Pay/Bid: 10 Minutes Tempban

    Spamming Suicide

    1 Verbal Warn -- Suicide Spam: 1 Day Tempban

    Vulgar Banners
    Vulgar Banner: 1 Day Tempban

    Vulgar Names on Pets
    Pet Vulgar Name: 1 Day Tempban

    - Bannable Rules -

    Advertisements of Any Kind
    Ads: Permanent Ban - No Appeal

    DDoS Threats
    DDoS Threats: Permanent Ban - No Appeal

    Duplicating Items
    Duping: Permanent Ban - Appealable

    Hacks or Mods of Any Kind
    Hacks: Permanent Ban - Appealable

    Illegal Items
    Illegal Items: Permanent Bam - Appealable

    Spam Bots
    Bots: Permanent Ban - No Appeal

    Threats to Dox or Doxing
    Dox Threats/Doxxing: Permanent Ban - No Appeal

    - Perm-Muteable Offenses -

    Getting 75 Warns and 40 Mutes in one month;
    Getting 24 Warns and 12 Mutes in one day;
    Getting muted 4 times in one day for Discrimination or Harassment;
    Logging on the server just to cause problems;
    Numerous incidents of excessive spam before logging off;
    Constant harassment.