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Staff Ranks

Oct 24, 2019
Staff Ranks
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    This page contains a list of all the staff ranks on CityPrison.


    - Tier 1 -

    [ChatMod] & [JrGuard]

    If you are accepted as staff you will become a tier 1 either as a ChatMod or JrGuard (depending on what you applied to be).
    ChatMods will help answer questions from players and make sure the chat is running smoothly. If someone breaks the rules ChatMods are responsible for warning, muting and kicking offenders.
    JrGuards will focus on guarding the prison. They have to make sure all contraband is taken and that the PvP area is running smoothly. They must jail players if they do not comply with the prison rules.
    If no ChatMods are on the server, guards are responsible for helping out in chat by answering questions and warning, muting and kicking players who violate the rules. However, ChatMods are not able to guard the prison, even if no guards are online.


    - Tier 2 -

    [Support] & [Guard]

    Support and Guards follow the same guidelines that ChatMods and JrGuards follow.
    Tier 2 is able to temp ban and usually focuses on lower level offenses.


    - Tier 3 -

    [Moderator] & [SrGuard]

    Moderators and SrGuards are considered the beginning of the senior staff members.
    Tier 3 staff members usually do not deal with vulgar, spam and caps warns. They are more focused on dealing with higher offenses like hacking, inappropriate IGNS/skins etc.


    - Tier 4 -

    [Admin] & [Commander]

    Admins and Commanders receive many extra permissions that helps out all players
    They are able to build and destroy blocks. They are also able to assist players in many more situations. Admins are able to help out in discord and the forums.


    - Tier 5 -


    JrWarden is the third highest staff tier on the server.
    JrWardens are responsible for watching over the staff team and helping out with events.
    JrWardens are able to help with building by using worldedit.


    - Tier 6 -


    Wardens inherit a few extra commands allowing them to assist SrWarden's with issues.


    - Tier 7 -


    SrWarden is the highest staff tier on the server.
    They are responsible for running the server and making sure everything is running smoothly.
    They deal with every problem a player or staff member runs into. They are the backbone of CityPrison.

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