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Jul 17, 2019
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    This page contains all the warps (besides ranks) that you can access on the prison server.

    Warp Rules

    This warp has all of the rules each prisoner should follow, with the punishments listed underneath.
    You can find everything from chat rules, jail times, what mods are allowed on the server, illegal items and even some helpful tips/misc and information.

    View also: Server Rules


    Warp Staffroom

    At this warp, you can see all current staff members and all of the Staff Ranks.
    On the left side you have all the chat-sided staff members and ranks, starting at tier one:
    [ChatMod] all the way to tier four: [Admin] on the right side you have the guard staff and their ranks, starting at tier one: [JrGuard] all the way through to tier four of the guard staff: [Commander].
    In the back of this warp, you can find the higher staff members. Tier five,
    [JrWarden]. Tier six, [Warden]. Lastly, you have the owners - the [SrWarden] rank.
    View also: Staff Ranks


    Warp Parkour

    This is a warp where you can parkour at without having to worry about PvP. You do, however, have to worry about falling. If you fall, you will die and lose your inventory. If you manage to complete the parkour, you will reach an NPC and can collect the 40k reward.


    Warp Plots

    This is where you can buy a plot for 50k (50,000) in game money.
    The plots are 10x10 with a height restriction unless you donate for a donor plot.
    To get a plot simply do
    /Warp Plots then /plotme auto. Getting a plot is a one time purchase (you do not have to pay every day for it).
    To view the information of any plot you can do
    /Plot I while standing on the plot.
    If you own a plot and would like to add someone onto it do
    /Plot Add [Player]. This command would allow another person to interact with your plot and belongings only when you are online.
    If you would like the person to be able to build/interact with your plot and your belongings while you are
    offline, you will need a Tier 4+ staff member to trust them.
    If you wish to remove a person from your plot do
    /Plot Remove [Player].


    Warp Cells

    At this warp, you can rent a cell for 500 in-game money per day.
    Simply just right click the
    [Cell] signs and it will inform you whether or not the cell is currently rented or empty.
    If it is empty a GUI will appear, giving the information of the cell.
    After you have rented one, you will need to continue to pay for it every day or you risk losing your items. To continue to rent your cell, right-click the
    [Cell] sign again and another GUI will appear, but this time with more options.
    With this GUI you can rent your cell up to five days in advance, see the remaining time on your cell or vacate it.



    Warp BM

    This is a warp where you can sell and buy almost anything.
    When you first warp to the black-market you will see the donor BMs.
    You can get those by
    donating. Continue to walk and you will come across more black-market cells.
    You can rent these like you rent a normal cell, only they cost 5,000 per day. BM1 and BM21 are 10,000 per day, while BM22 is 20,000 per day.
    To buy at a black-market simply right-click a sign with a "B" on it. To sell, left click signs with an "S" on it.


    Warp Enchantments

    At this warp, you can find the custom enchants of the server, along with some normal enchants such as the armor enchant protection.
    To get these enchants you must have enchantment tokens, or for short etokens. To check your current balance of enchantment tokens type the command
    /etoken bal.
    To obtain enchantment tokens you can /vote for normal tokens then convert them to enchantment tokens To see the cost of the enchantment, hold the item in your hand and left click.
    To apply the enchantment to your item right click with the item in your hand.

    View also: Custom Enchantments


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